Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 5 (Your Real-Life Application of the Steps)

This new schedule with the once-a-week posts will definitely take some getting used to — on my part, anyway. It’s become necessary to do so as my writing services side of Degrees of Maternity is taking off and the same 24 hours in a day remains as it did before I started writing for others.

So, the additional responsibilities called for a little updating of the schedule, which I introduced to you in Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 4 (Scheduling Your Goals Cont.) and followed up with you in Creative Entrepreneurship Basics: More Isn’t Always More.

In those blog posts, I mentioned that there would be a change a-comin’, where I would be adjusting my schedule to concentrate on the areas that meet The Big 3, resulting in a weekly schedule of posting on Fridays only.

Oops! Did I miss this past Friday?

Well yes, I did, unfortunately. I missed my schedule, but I got to enjoy my family who came into town last week and returned back home yesterday. Truthfully, I wanted to put my ALL into focusing on that quality time with family who I won’t get to see very often. And undoubtedly, something as incredibly important as these precious family reunions will always trump the writing efforts. Every time. So, I apologize for my tardiness, but it was for a good cause.

And today’s discussion is what I’d like to call Friday’s post (presented on Monday).  However, I should be on point to come back and check in with you this coming Friday with a brand-new discussion. Hope that sounds like a plan.

As for the here and now, I’m back and excited about finally closing the loop to our goal-setting steps for conquering the creative work-life balance.

We’ve gone through the steps to this process from brainstorming to list-making to smart goaling to scheduling. And now, we’re putting all of our knowledge into practical application. Yes, my friend. Good old implementation of what you now know IS the order of the day (if you haven’t been actively working on the steps all along).

And, I don’t blame you if you haven’t done anything just yet. Personally, I like to read through processes first, before actually starting them. How else will I know if I can truly commit to all of the steps involved if I don’t know what I’m getting myself into first? So, I get it.

But now’s the time. After reading through the first 4 steps of this goal-setting process, are you finally at the point where you can commit to it? After all, none of the reading you’ve done on conquering the creative work-life balance will be of any real-life benefit to you if you NEVER actively work through the steps. And that goes for any process.

Just so you know — there’s no “application by reading osmosis” being advocated for anywhere in what you’re reading here on your screen. It doesn’t work.

And there’s really no other “cushy” way to say what I’m trying to say and no point in dragging out this blog post. Simply stated, if you don’t do the “active” work, then you can’t reap the “real” benefits.

So, I want you to determine if you can take the leap to work on bringing balance to your life. And if you desire to take that leap; then, I want you to determine if the steps that I’ve presented to you (highlighted below) are doable on your part. And if these steps are doable on your part, then I want you to GO FOR IT! Get ‘er done, friend. YOU CAN DO IT!

Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Steps 1 and 2

Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 3 (SMART Goals)

Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 3 (SMART Goals Cont.)

Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 4 (Scheduling Your Goals)

Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 4 (Scheduling Your Goals Cont.)

Embrace the process by being committed to it through its application in your life.

Embrace the Process

2 thoughts on “Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 5 (Your Real-Life Application of the Steps)

  1. Jana, is back! I do not begrudge you taking advantage of a family reunion, regardless of the type. It is all a part of that work/life balance we both have been talking about. Family should always come first, because we only have one, and no one else actually cares.
    It took me a couple of reads to fully understand your words, “application by reading osmosis”, but being old and slow I think I have finally worked it out. Applying something will not be solved by osmosis, but learning and then putting that knowledge to good use certainly will, and that part is the most important. I can tell by your writings that you are certainly learning, and putting that knowledge to good use.
    Now I have buttered you up, perhaps I need to find something else to say. Let’s have a re-read! Mmmm, there has to be something else in there I can comment on. I am glad to see your “writing services” side of things is working out and that you are seriously working on “your” priorities. Remember, “quality is far more important than quantity!”
    Keep up the excellent work and I trust that many are taking up some of your excellent advice.
    All the best.
    Regards, Phil

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwwwww, Phil. I’ve missed visiting with you. It does my heart good to hear from you every time. And I wondered if everyone would get my “application by reading osmosis” comment. See . . . you figured out my wordplay madness. That’s what happens when you get to know another writer online. You get to figure out their quirky lingo. And You, my friend, are learning me oh-so-well. I can tell because you’re spot on in your deciphering of what I meant. I always appreciate your encouragement too — even the “get yourself together” variety. It’s easy to take advice and suggestions from those you feel care about you. So, thanks for caring, Phil. And I pray that all is going well on your side of the writing world. I know you have plenty of awesome words to put on many-a-page. Keep me posted on that front and have a fantastic week!


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