Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 4 (Scheduling Your Goals Cont.)

First of all, let me just start out by apologizing for being MIA yesterday. I try really hard not to do that, since there’s no place like home. And, right here is “home” for me. I don’t stay away for any lengthy periods of time and I try not to miss my scheduled visiting time if I don’t have to.

BUT . . .

I’m changing a few things around in my scheduling, and it might be a little wonky for the next few weeks, while I’m trying out some new things. I have some items from my previous schedule that are being moved around, some that are being added, and some that are going away. And that’s the beauty of simplifying things — it forces you to create a new way of carrying out the routine activities that mark your moves on a daily/weekly basis.

So, while I’m going a little helter-skelter, please bear with me.

Oh, and while I have my own metamorphosis going on here, I’m also anticipating some changes, based on the cyclical upheaval that summer break can make. My son will be done with his first year of middle school in a couple of weeks and I need to fit his upcoming summer schedule into mine.

You would think Little Man’s schedule shouldn’t impact mine too much, since he’ll be on summer break and he can pretty much veg out. But, NO! NO! NO! There will be no couch potatoing around these parts. I have some organized plans for him this summer and involvement on my part WILL BE REQUIRED.

So, let’s just say there’s a change in the schedule a-comin’.

Not to mention, I’ve got my new content endeavors incorporating the writing services I’m now providing. (Oh, and if you missed my update about this new journey I’m embarking upon, you can check it out here. I’ve been completely immersed in a content writing/copywriting course for the past couple of weeks, and I’m about to enroll in another one that I’ll start in on after I finish the one I’m currently taking.

SO . . .

It’s been a bit up-in-the-air with the schedule lately. But, that’s what you have to do, sometimes, to get your life on track. You have to man- or woman-handle that schedule, until it fits your simplification requirements.

REMEMBER: we’re going for making life easier on us, not adding to the stressors and pressures of life.

And for that reason, I’ve decided to cut some things out of my schedule that aren’t suiting my “simplifying life” purposes.

Don’t get me wrong. The priorities in life that can NEVER be dismissed or avoided WILL continue to be made priorities on the dear old schedule, but the busywork that’s keeping me on the treadmill and/or stuck in a rut has to go. It just has to.

And that’s what I want you to make sure you’re doing with scheduling YOUR goals. You have some new stuff that you’re incorporating into your daily routine; and since you’re only one person who can only accomplish a certain amount of tasks in a day, you have to make room for the newbies that are part of your newfound priority list. Which means . . . you need to evaluate whether or not some of the old stuff on your schedule is priority or not and whether or not those items are moving you toward life improvement.

For example, now that I’m concentrating more on my writing and working on getting more edumacated at it, some other things on my list of to-dos will be exiting the building. Case in point: I’m taking a long, if not permanent break, with podcasting and YouTubing and Pinteresting. You know how I do around here. Change is on a swivel.

Furthermore, I’m also taking a little break with uploading new products to my Teachers Pay Teachers and Etsy stores, but not for long though. I’ll be back into the swing of online retailing a little closer to when the next school year starts up. But for now, the writing education, preparation, and practice is the focus and everything else in my professional world will have to work around it.

With that being said, this Degrees of Maternity blog is sure enough a PRIORITY and main focus of mine. This residence (along with my monthly newsletter) is where I get to connect with my friends and family. So, those two writing privileges will stay intact. However, –

Just like I did with the newsletter, cutting it down from a twice-a-month distribution to a once-a-month distribution, I’ll more than likely be changing my blogging schedule once again and decreasing the amount of times I blog weekly. I don’t want to make any promises on what that will look like just yet, but I’ll definitely give you some advanced notice before I make the blogging schedule change.

Simplifying it is! And in simplifying things, sometimes you have to redirect some of your focus.

So, while writing is my OVERALL goal with what I’m doing professionally, I have to make some room for the writing services part of my journey, which will directly affect the blogging side of my journey. But both journeys are destined to work together in harmony, finding that optimal balance that make them work as a great team to enhance my professional goal progression.

And now that I’m coming to a close, what I wanted to do today was let you know that you’ll see some changes around here as I’m working (along with you) to simplify life by identifying the stuff that’s most important in life, working on the important stuff, chucking (or at least postponing) the stuff that’s not serving a purpose toward goal progression, and keeping it movin’.

Please continue to work on Step 4 this week, making sure you’re truly focusing on the right stuff and turning those goals (the “stuff”) into actionable items you can make SMART and add to your daily/weekly schedule.

Schedule 3

2 thoughts on “Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 4 (Scheduling Your Goals Cont.)

  1. Jana, I am glad that you are progressing on your goal to simplify your work/life balance. I also like your words that go, “…I’m working ,,, to simplify life by identifying the stuff that is most important in life.” I am sure you are well aware that there is not a more important goal. Everything else stems from that knowledge. As I have said before, one has to prioritize actions by prioritizing goals. It is good to see that you are moving in that direction. By the way, the process never stops you know.
    I trust that you are also looking after both your mental and physical health at the same time? Why? Because one relies on the other!
    Bye for now, Phil

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  2. Phil – I appreciate you, because I totally need that reminder to look after my mental and physical health along with all the goal setting I’ve been doing on the professional side. I really try to look at self; but sometimes working to accomplish goals in the creative realm creates a struggle that results in little ole me coming in last place (as far as the holistic needs of self go). I definitely need to do better than I have been. You know — find that true balance and all instead of going too extreme one way or another. One of the things I’ve been lacking is sleep, so I’ve been working on that one a lot lately. And, I can definitely tell the difference. It’s so much better to just let things be, get the sleep my body needs, and then pick up my goal chasing the next day. But yes, I can do better with taking care of myself. Again, I think this “simplifying things” mantra that I’ve taken on will help me to do just that. Have a great weekend, Phil.


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