Fitting Book Writing into the Schedule Efficiently

I'm pretty sure I told you that I'd be getting back with you once I got my fall schedule together. I guess -- better late than never. Hee hee! Actually, since we're very close to the first day of winter, I'll just call this my "Schedule for the Foreseeable Future". I've been using that term … Continue reading Fitting Book Writing into the Schedule Efficiently

Goal Set With Me: Discipline and a Schedule

Do you want to know what I've noticed about highly successful people and the very thread that connects them all together? Well, I've noticed that highly successful people (no matter the craft) are disciplined, dedicated, unrelenting, and down-right hardworking when it comes to turning their goals into realities.  Time and time again, I've witnessed these … Continue reading Goal Set With Me: Discipline and a Schedule

The Trouble with Writing

I don't have trouble when it comes to getting written content on a page.  My challenge is finding the time to actually write.  The title to this post could very easily say something like The Trouble with Time-Management in Writing.  Herein lies my predicament.  How could I be experiencing a road block so early along … Continue reading The Trouble with Writing

Day 12: Procrastination Station

Day 12 of the 30-Day Challenge: Procrastination Station Task:  To create a "homeschooling" winter break schedule for Little Man and implement it during his two-week break.  And by "homeschooling", I mean it in the unofficial sense of the word.  I will be conducting some school work type tasks at the homestead with Little Man, while … Continue reading Day 12: Procrastination Station

Structure: Step #1 – Start with a Schedule

What I'm about to discuss with you is not something that you're unaware of and it's certainly not one of those subjects, like college Calculus III, that you've more than likely never experienced or had a desire to understand.  I mean I can appreciate a challenging mathematics class like the next mom; but when it … Continue reading Structure: Step #1 – Start with a Schedule