Reblog – Location… Location… Location

Wow! This blog piece, originally posted on October 30, 2018, takes me waaayyy back. I'm so thankful to have important life events, such as my homeschooling experience with my son, chronicled here at Degrees of Maternity. This history -- what I was thinking and doing at these pivotal points in my timeline -- highlights moments … Continue reading Reblog – Location… Location… Location

Day 12: Procrastination Station

Day 12 of the 30-Day Challenge: Procrastination Station Task:  To create a "homeschooling" winter break schedule for Little Man and implement it during his two-week break.  And by "homeschooling", I mean it in the unofficial sense of the word.  I will be conducting some school work type tasks at the homestead with Little Man, while … Continue reading Day 12: Procrastination Station

Location… Location… Location

Just as any long-standing successful business operation (brick-and-mortar or online) relies on its location for its viability, so does a child's quality of education depend on having a school work setting that fosters a healthy learning experience.  And, by "school work setting", I mean the actual at-home set-up in which a homeschooled child receives his or her educational training … Continue reading Location… Location… Location

Back-to-School-Blitz (BTSB)

Okay, so I used the word, "Blitz" in this post's title, but I'm using it in the less aggressive sense of its meaning.  What I'm trying to say is that I'm currently existing in the back-to-school mode, where a lot of my concentration right now involves managing all of the chaos that comes with getting three children … Continue reading Back-to-School-Blitz (BTSB)