Reblog – College Prep for Parents

The second semester of school will start for two of my children (one in elementary school and the other one in college) this month. And, I always think about hopeful and new beginnings whenever my children enter into a new semester. The college students embark upon academic adventures with brand-new class schedules. And, elementary school … Continue reading Reblog – College Prep for Parents

Day 11: Procrastination Station

Day 11 of the 30-Day Challenge: Procrastination Station Task:  Please see previous post, Day 10: Procrastination Station, as Day 11 is its continuation. Outcome:  It was much easier to compile and organize Junior's scrapbook, since I had most of his paperwork pretty much in one location.  He just graduated high school this past May and I had been informally compiling all of his important … Continue reading Day 11: Procrastination Station

Day 10: Procrastination Station

Day 10 of the 30-Day Challenge: Procrastination Station Task:  To create a high school to the present "scrapbook" for Toodlez (my daughter and first-born) and Junior (my son and middle child), highlighting important academic, extra-curricular, and professional events in their adolescent to young adult lives.  No photos are required for this book. Reason for Task:  I just have to say that … Continue reading Day 10: Procrastination Station

College Prep for Parents

This post is dedicated to those parents who are knee deep in dealing with the effects of Senioritis.  In other words, you have a child who is a Senior in high school and you're going through this last year, heading toward an extremely hectic end of an era with your soon-to-be graduate.  Before you know it, your baby (forever your baby no … Continue reading College Prep for Parents