Content Writing Services



Do any of the following statements sound like something you’ve said recently?


“I don’t have time to write content.”

“I just don’t enjoy the content writing process.”

“It’s difficult for me to come up with content ideas and develop them on the page.”

“I want to focus on other activities outside of content creation.”

“I want to continue creating content, but I’ve been doing this so long and it’s hard to keep the writing fresh and interesting.”


Hey, I hear you loud and clear. And here’s what I’d like to propose:

If you’d like to free up more of your time but keep the content comin’ in a HANDS-OFF WAY, then LET ME TAKE THE CONTENT OFF YOUR HANDS.

YOU NEED content for your business. And I ENJOY creating it!

Oh, and let me introduce myself in case we haven’t met yet.

Hello My Name Is 3

. . . Jana Williams, the writing mind behind Degrees of Maternity, and I create content, but not just any type of content. I create . . .





motivational, and


CONTENT –the kind of content that engages the reading audience and invites them to interact with the words on the page.

And, you’ll just have to take my written word for it. The PROOF is in the BLOGGING. Check out the Degrees of Maternity “Home” page to see (for yourself) what I’m typing about.

Furthermore, I LOVE this writing life SO MUCH that . . . 

I’ve been consistently blogging for over 3 years and distributing monthly newsletters to my email-subscribing family for over 1 year. In fact, my SPECIALTY includes LONG-FORM content by way of blog posts and newsletters in the areas of personal and professional development, education, and the writing process. Oh, and let’s throw in emails, too.

Stop Sign

But, that’s enough about me. How about YOU?

I would REALLY like to see how I can be of service to you in your business’ content creation efforts.

By completing the contact information below, we can get the ball rollin’. Let’s talk, shall we?