Untitled Book #2 – Part 11

Part 11: Also ask yourself: What are your areas needing improvement? What obstacles and hindrances are holding you back? What are your setbacks? The strong parts of our makeup will always take up residence with those areas where we need some fine-tuning – areas that may be problematic or present unpleasant challenges for us. And, … Continue reading Untitled Book #2 – Part 11

Productivity Tuesday: Reblog – When You Don’t Know What to Blog About

I know, I know. I just couldn't help myself. I had to bring an oldie, but goodie, to today's conversation. It's a blast from the past that's meant to be and just so happens to be a reblog from its original posting on December 4, 2019. And guess what? I was in the same irritating … Continue reading Productivity Tuesday: Reblog – When You Don’t Know What to Blog About

Untitled Book #2 – Part 10

Here's where I ended last Wednesday's book excerpt in Untitled Book #2 – Part 9: "So, one of the parental perspectives I'll always stand by is that it’s a parent’s responsibility to assist his or her child in developing his or her talents, skills, and abilities and to guide that child into opportunities to use … Continue reading Untitled Book #2 – Part 10

Untitled Book #2 – Part 9

Part 9: Actually, let me back up just a little bit in my story's timeline. Honestly, my misplacement started well before the loss of the homeschooling opportunity. It started fairly early on in the course of teaching my son. During my time of homeschooling, I had multiple personal priorities that needed some managing and, therefore, … Continue reading Untitled Book #2 – Part 9

Untitled Book #2 – Part 7

Part 7: And I don’t mind touting around the terms: creative, content creator, or creative entrepreneur when identifying what it is I do. I put words together to create messages that hopefully evoke a sense of positivity, inspiration, encouragement, motivation to succeed, motivation to improve, productivity, and all-things-hopeful. I finally took the leap of faith … Continue reading Untitled Book #2 – Part 7