Elementary Art at its Finest

As a doting mother, I reserve the right to appreciate the fine arts of my 8-year old up-and-comer and to showcase his creations from time to time.  Today, I'm revealing pictures taken at Little Man's, my youngest son's, third-grade art show at his elementary school this past Thursday evening.  He was sooooooo excited about the … Continue reading Elementary Art at its Finest

Identifying Talents at a Young Age

Don't we, as parents who love our children, want the best for them?  And, if there was such a training manual as the Highly Effective Parenting Guide (that guarantees highly effective parenting by successful completion of the course), wouldn't we jump at the chance to purchase it?  And, wouldn't we expect to see one of its guiding principles state that "a highly effective parent … Continue reading Identifying Talents at a Young Age

Game Day Colors and Hairbows

Basketball!  Basketball!  B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L!  I am so excited that basketball season is underway.  Woo!  Hoo!  My family is definitely a basketball family.  We don't go overboard with it or anything like that, but we truly enjoy the game.  Personally speaking, I have witnessed basketball on many levels:  from NBA, NCAA, AAU, high school, middle school, biddy, and YMCA … Continue reading Game Day Colors and Hairbows

“Going Out” or “Outgoing” Board

 The weekend is, without a doubt, my favorite part of the week for multiple reasons, one of which is the reuniting of my whole family back together again.  After being deprived of Junior's presence for almost 5 whole days out of each week, I finally get to see my boy once more.  Junior is my second child … Continue reading “Going Out” or “Outgoing” Board

Invitations & Reflection

Earlier this afternoon, I had the opportunity to dine and fellowship with different generations of incredible women (and one sweet brother-in-law and guest) from my Husband's side of the family.  It's always such a blessing to be in their presence.  I so enjoy these special occasions when we're able to come together and love on each other, laugh, learn, and share.  … Continue reading Invitations & Reflection