Reblog – College Prep for Parents

The second semester of school will start for two of my children (one in elementary school and the other one in college) this month. And, I always think about hopeful and new beginnings whenever my children enter into a new semester. The college students embark upon academic adventures with brand-new class schedules. And, elementary school … Continue reading Reblog – College Prep for Parents

Top 5 Back-to-School Prep Activities

Today, I'm taking a pause on writing reflections in preparation for the Back-to-School-Blitz (BTSB) that's about to take over in many-a-household in the next few days or weeks. It's the time of year when parents are scurrying about, trying to prepare their schedules to accommodate the onslaught of BTS activities that are getting ready to … Continue reading Top 5 Back-to-School Prep Activities

College Prep for Parents

This post is dedicated to those parents who are knee deep in dealing with the effects of Senioritis.  In other words, you have a child who is a Senior in high school and you're going through this last year, heading toward an extremely hectic end of an era with your soon-to-be graduate.  Before you know it, your baby (forever your baby no … Continue reading College Prep for Parents

Structure: Step #4 – Incentivize for Optimal Performance

Through daily observation and homeschooling experiences, I have determined that my Little Man is a true visual learner.  He thrives in learning environments where he is allowed to engage in visual and hands-on activity in order to take in knowledge and to express himself.  And this realization is not something I just happened to stumble upon one day; his … Continue reading Structure: Step #4 – Incentivize for Optimal Performance

Structure: Step #3 – Build Your Home with SMART Goals

There are a lot of things I've learned in my adult years of life and one of those things is to never be too hasty in throwing away ideas, information, and objects.  If they were important to you at the time, then they could possibly be important to you in the future.  That may be the pack … Continue reading Structure: Step #3 – Build Your Home with SMART Goals

Structure: Step #2 – Follow-up with Expectations

My online lexical companion,, lists one of the definitions of "expectation" as  "something expected; a thing looked forward to".  Sounds like a pretty straight forward definition, right?  Well, so you would think, but let me quickly turn your attention to just how convoluted the practical application of this meaning can be.  Here we go.  Think about the numerous times … Continue reading Structure: Step #2 – Follow-up with Expectations

Structure: Step #1 – Start with a Schedule

What I'm about to discuss with you is not something that you're unaware of and it's certainly not one of those subjects, like college Calculus III, that you've more than likely never experienced or had a desire to understand.  I mean I can appreciate a challenging mathematics class like the next mom; but when it … Continue reading Structure: Step #1 – Start with a Schedule

Back-to-School-Blitz (BTSB)

Okay, so I used the word, "Blitz" in this post's title, but I'm using it in the less aggressive sense of its meaning.  What I'm trying to say is that I'm currently existing in the back-to-school mode, where a lot of my concentration right now involves managing all of the chaos that comes with getting three children … Continue reading Back-to-School-Blitz (BTSB)