Set in an adult educational background, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult provides you with the kind of get-up-and-go pep talk you truly need to move forward and take some necessary action in your life. By observing children, during their times of play, we (grown-ups) are easily reminded of those life lessons we should be benefiting from in our adulthood.

Throughout the pages of this book, there are wake-up calls (calls to action) to encourage you to appreciate the life you’ve been given, to get out of an observation and into an action mode, to ditch the obstacles that are hindering your progress in life, and to do those things that you’re passionate about.

Furthermore, a grown-up’s guide for GETTING THINGS DONE (included) is just the actionable foundation on which you need to build your personal and professional life framework. And the “Keys to Productivity” are sure to help you gather the essential tools needed to assist you along the way.

So, let’s give some attention to what our younger counterparts have to say about life through their play. Make some moves toward living your best adult life today.

Book Brush Book Cover 9-12-19

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Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult (Elementary Adult Development Series Book 1) ⇐ (Click here for the e-book and/or paperback version).

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