IMG_1356Welcome to the life lessons of Jana Williams! As a middle-aged mother continuously riding the motherhood learning curve, I am increasingly appreciating the maturity, experience, and knowledge that comes with each degree of success achieved in this parental education.

I have gone from receiving both my bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Business Administration to working as an administrative and human resources professional for over fifteen years to homeschooling my youngest child for two years.  After my son’s return to the public school system, post-homeschooling, I decided to create a recipe for the ideal use of my time, talents, and efforts at that point in my life.  I created this recipe by mixing an activity of interest (writing) with a focus of affection (memoirs of interactions with my children).  The mixing of these two essential ingredients has resulted in my use of this blog as an outlet for motherly expression. My goal is to nurture others in the areas of personal and professional development, especially in the realm of a content creator’s and/or a creative entrepreneur’s journey.

Furthermore, my family inspiration led me to the rewarding path of writing my first book, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult. My book writing journey (chronicled in the “DOM Writer’s Block: A Writer’s Journey” section of this blog) started in February 2019, when I took off on The Road to Authorship. I trekked along that road until September 2019, when I self-published my first book. At that point, I started on a new road as a self-published author and I continue on this exhilarating journey toward pursuing my writing dreams to this very day.

In this world of so much negativity, my hope is that you can receive some positive encouragement, learning opportunities, and impactful food for thought in the reflections and information that I share with you.  Again, welcome to the life lessons of Jana Williams, the wife of a wonderful husband and mother of three awe-inspiring children who are the motivation for what you will read in Degrees of Maternity.