A Creative’s Lesson in Creative Work-Life Balance

My, oh my . . . how I’ve missed this space! And YOU! It’s been a minute (well actually, a month) since I last visited with you through this blog. And where in the world have I been? Well, I’ll get to that in a little bit. But, let me just start out with how I’m feeling right about now as I’m typing today’s blog post.

Truthfully, I’m feeling quite excited to be creating a blog post again. A feeling of renewal and exhilaration with a sense of purposefulness is sweeping over me. And, I literally find myself smiling as I’m preparing this reflection for you today.

Here’s another feeling (or thought) I’m basking in right now: I’ll NEVER forget where home is. After all, Home is where the heart is. Always!

For me, putting my blogging fingers to my laptop’s keys is like riding a bike. Once you know how to do it, you don’t forget – no matter how long it’s been since you got on that seat, put your foot on that metal petal, and got that bike going up the street.

It’s a natural undertaking. You can pick it right back up at any time and do what you do — no matter how long you were away from it. Know what I mean?

Yes, you know what I mean. Just think of those activities that click with you. That make complete sense. That complete a purpose-driven mission that you’ve sought to fulfill.

So, you’d be very hard-pressed to forget how to function in that “special” space that you jive in, even if you have to step away from it for awhile.

And this is exactly where I found myself over the past month. In a mode – ready to jump back into the blogging seat just as soon as an appropriate time opened up once again.

And that time really depended on when my CREATIVE WORK-LIFE BALANCE got more into a balanced state instead of being in an extreme on either end of the spectrum.

Over the last month, I’ve been waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy over at the end of the spectrum of functioning in some highly-important priorities that took precedence on the personal (life) side of my teeter-totter, so to speak.

Teeter Totter

Therefore, I stayed down on that side of the teeter-totter, where personal life resides. And, I didn’t have a enough strength on the other side of the teeter-totter, where the professional (work) side resides, to help lift me up a little bit so I was able to keep the balance more balanced.

And that happens sometimes.

I have absolutely no shame in admitting that, for the first time in 4 years of blogging, I took a whole month off from blogging to tend to personal business. (Won’t go into details, but let’s just say that the time devoted was a must-do and very needful.)

Oh, and believe me when I say that more concentrated focus continues to be needed on that personal life side. So, I don’t intend to ramp way back up on the professional stuff and leave the other choking in the dust.

Because again, BALANCE should be the order of the creative day.

Simply stated, I can’t successfully create if I don’t have the appropriate balance in my life. I can’t be too extreme either way – not for long anyway. Or yes, I CAN be extreme either way if I so choose, but one side will ALWAYS suffer for it, when opting to let the balance stay super-skewed for super-long.

So, we’re going to get back into the balance discussions again. That is, creative work-life balance. And we’re going to intermingle those discussions with how it all plays into the creative mindset.

Believe it or not, mindset drives a lot of not only who we are but of what we are driven to do.

BALANCE and MINDSET – if we get them right, we’re goin’ to phenomenal places.

4 thoughts on “A Creative’s Lesson in Creative Work-Life Balance

  1. I’ve definitely been missing your posts over the past month, but can certainly understand when life gets a little more demanding than usual. It’s so hard to keep and maintain that balance. I’ve certainly been there quite a bit, and oftentimes life really does have to come first. But I hope everything you needed to take care of went well, and I’m excited to see you here again. I’m looking forward to more of your nuggets of wisdom!

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  2. Hi there Kat – so appreciative of you, my friend. Thanks for continuing to hang in there with me through the breaks, vacas, and personal life calls. I’m so thankful to be back; and yes, life is feeling more balanced now. Just needed to shift some priorities a bit. And believe me when I say I’ll still be working on the balancing act. (Working to take some of my own advice from this blog on work-life balance. As weird as it sounds to type it in words, I should listen to myself more often. Hee. Hee.) Anyway, I pray all is going well for you and your family. I think about you and your children often. And praying they are thriving in their educational settings. They have a brilliant Mom, so I know they’re in great hands. And, I’m sure your husband is most brilliant as well and has a huge part to play in their successes. I’m just not as familiar with him.:) And yes, I know you totally get it on how much of a juggling act we have to perform at times, but I follow your successes and progress and realize just how good you are at juggling everything and making sure to take time to focus where you need to when you need to. Maybe I can be as great a juggler as you when I grow up. Thank you as always for your kind words, Kat. Glad to be back and glad you stayed around to journey with me. Have a blessed week, dear friend.

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  3. Hi Jana. I’m addicted to all your advice, so I can’t imagine not being around to follow your journey. I always learn something new or get a good reminder from you, and it’s been so wonderful to follow you over the past few years. And with both kids working on their reading and writing, I can’t wait to use some of your products over the summer! My daughter is going to love your themes. Anyways, balance is so hard to achieve and maintain and even I struggle with it all the time. But it helps that my super busy husband almost always has more work to do after the kids go to bed, so it’s a great time for me to work as well. We’re hoping to instill that drive to work and get things done in our kids as they get older, and I always feel so blessed that they actually want to jump into doing their homework every day and can’t wait to get to school every morning. I hope your son is doing well, too. After having experienced so many different ways of learning and having a wonderful mom who prioritizes family and his education, he must be an incredible student. And I bet he’s learning some really useful juggling skills from you. Very often, I think you’re doing much better than I am with it all! I can’t wait to read what you have in store for us every single week. But of course I understand the need to step away. I hope you’re having a fantastic week!

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  4. Oh, you make me want to cry, Kat. I’m serious. You always have such uplifting words of encouragement for me. And, I truly appreciate ALL of them. They’ve been right on time. EVERY TIME. Let me just say that . . . “no, I believe you have the upper hand in masterfully juggling all that you do.” Let me just put that to rest for you.:) But, I appreciate you trying to make me feel better about myself. Hee. Hee. And, you are also so kind to mention my products. If you do give them a look-over, I pray that you find something truly helpful for your genius babies (even if it’s just fun stuff you can use to reward them for a job well done). And I remain so excited for our up-and-comers. It’s absolutely thrilling to see how their young minds work and how they develop educationally. You have such an awesome family dynamic you’ve been blessed with, my friend. And yes, I’m so happy that my Little Man is surviving and thriving in middle school. Although I’ve had two other children go through the ranks already, it feels like I’m doing this school-aged parent thing all over again. In fact, I am. But, I’ve learned to appreciate it so much more in my preteen . . . this time around. Enjoy your babies. They grow up so fast. And thanks for being such a wonderful friend. Hope you have a fantastic week as well!


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