Reading to Develop Skills (Other Than Reading)

Inevitably, you’re going to develop your reading skills while you read. But, I don’t want to discuss reading skills today, per se. What I’d like to do is go a little bit further and a little bit deeper on the benefits of reading to gain knowledge and, then, discuss applying that knowledge in order to develop skills that can involve any area of life.

If reading is something you actually click with, then it only makes sense to use your appreciation of reading to help you grow in different areas of your life. In other words, one of the best ways to grow your skills sets in a particular area of focus is to read articles, blogs, training manuals, self-help books, reading materials in online courses, etc. to acquire the knowledge you need in order to gain the skills to succeed at an endeavor.

Simply, take your enjoyment of reading and make it GROW YOU.

Personally, I find that, visual stimulation in the way of watching someone demonstrate a skill can be somewhat beneficial (whether live or recorded). But having the written instructions with the “how-to” on how to do something takes me to a whole other level of comprehension and learning, where the knowledge sticks. And, it sticks because I have something tangible in written form that I can go back and refer to. It comes in handy when I need something definitive to make what I may have seen someone else do seem doable for myself.

Can you relate to this whole reading-for-skills-development phenomenon?

I mean for those who wholly relish the idea of holding a book and running their fingers through the pages or perusing the pages from a clean screen on their electronic device of choice, the thrill lies within the words and how they can open up whole new worlds of opportunity in personal and professional growth just by the sheer pleasure of consuming them.

So, I say . . . “Read up for your power surge. After all, knowledge is power.”

And, one of the best ways to gain knowledge is to . . .

R – E – A – D.

Now, I’ve been taking my own advice over the past week or so by immersing myself in all kinds of book-reading, blog-reading, article-reading, course-taking, YouTube watching action lately. I’m simply looking to absorb the information I need to be skills-ready for all the Degrees of Maternity growth (degrees of growth — get it?) that’s going to take place as I continue to develop and hone my creative and business sides to this creative entrepreneurial journey I’m on.

And guess what I’ve been preoccupying myself with lately? No seriously, I’ll give you a few paragraphs to contemplate the two subjects I’ll be obsessing over for the remainder of the year before I come in with the answer.

Until then, let me pivot for a moment and tell you a pet peeve of mine. And if it doesn’t apply to you, feel free to disregard this section. But if it does apply to you, just know that I’m making this statement with the best of intentions.

So, you know how some people are so incredibly smart (maybe even too smart for their own good)? Too smart to the point that they’re not so smart because all that smarts (knowledge) is wasted in inactivity or procrastination?

And please don’t pretend that you haven’t met these types of individuals, because I won’t believe you. They’re out here in droves. Hey, maybe YOU’re even this type of individual.

And, wait a minute! Don’t turn me off or dial me down just yet, because I HAVE A CONFESSION TO MAKE.

I’ve been those kind of people on many occasions; and personally, I don’t like the way it makes me operate. It’s like . . . I have all this potential but I’m at a crossroads and don’t know if I just want to stay on the safe and cozy information treadmill of spinning knowledge but not EVER actually applying it. Or, if I want to jump out on a very wobbly and uncomfortable limb and start applying what I know in real-life action and see what happens.

Decisions. Decisions.

Well, all I can say is that it’s no use in wasting the knowledge you’re gaining through the information you’re reading by stopping at the information-gathering stage. Because you can’t actually develop your skills if you don’t actually apply your knowledge.

Mic drop.

So, did you just have an a-ha moment right there? Or, am I reiterating something you already know? And if the latter to where you know to do but aren’t doing it, then it would appear you’re either functioning in inactivity or procrastinating, my friend. And, here’s what I say to that . . .

Get going and apply that knowledge so you can grow those skills!

Like I stated earlier, I’m taking my own advice. Oh, by the way, did I give you enough time to guess what I’ve been working on honing my skills in?

So, what did you guess? Hmmmm?

Well, if you guessed my companions, SEO for short or Search Engine Optimization for long as well as all-things-copywriting, then I’m totally impressed with your analytical insight. And, if you had no clue, I got you. That’s why I’m filling you in right now . . .

And giving you a heads-up so you won’t be surprised when some of my blog content interweaves a bit of SEO and copywriting jargon here and there. You know I won’t be able to help myself. When you breath, eat, and sleep (so to speak) certain subject matter, it’s going to come out one way or another. It’s inevitable.

So, get ready.  New skills development journeys coming up at Degrees of Maternity. And guess what? I’m already applying some of the stuff I’ve been learning. So, if a procrastinator (like yours truly) can change her inactive ways, just about anyone can. Hee. Hee.

Skills Development

6 thoughts on “Reading to Develop Skills (Other Than Reading)

  1. Jana, “Procrastination”. What is that? All kidding aside, we all do it, it is just the amount we do it that is the important thing. I think that “procrastination” can be limited by using “priorities”. You can put things off, providing you have got your priorities right, although that is easier said than done.
    Just to keep you up to date on my historical novel, I am currently on page 234, and hope to get to about 350 pages by the end of November. By the way, I certainly have far more appreciation of what a book writer goes through, even after only getting this far.
    One further thing, I have one more final word to add to the “skill…” list, and that is “ability”. That is because “training, skill, knowledge and experience” provide us with the “ability” to do whatever we want to do.
    I will now get back to writing my novel (that damn “procrastination” is getting in the way again. You will notice that I have put a priority on commenting on your post. What does that tell you?
    Regards, Phil

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  2. Hey there dear Phil! What a breath of fresh air as usual. You always deliver on such relatable and meaningful commentary every time. (That’s a writer for you.) I always glean something from your thought-provoking words because they make such clear sense. And “ability” is a perfect word to add to the list, for sure. Shall I say that your book writing “ability” is taking you far, my friend — 234 pages down your book-writing journey. (You’ve probably added to that by the time you’ll read this.) Furthermore, I’m so impressed with your goal-setting initiative. It seems like you’ve pretty much been staying on track with the writing progress you’ve set for yourself. Your dedication and perseverance says a lot about your commitment to the process. Keep doing what you’re doing, my friend. I’m totally excited to see you make it to your goal post. By the way, let me just end by stating that I’m honored that you take time out of your busy schedule to visit my little nook of the blogosphere and drop some shimmering diamonds of wisdom every time you do. Have a most blessed week, Phil. And, I can’t wait to see your finished product in living color. Please keep me posted.

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  3. Thanks so much, Brenda. I’m so glad you found this post enjoyable. One of the fantastic things about reading is that it helps to naturally elevate the writing. I absolutely LOVE that about reading! So, your love of books and reading will only help progress you further along in your exciting journey as a writer. Keep the love alive.:)

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  4. Bold post Abe developing skills other than reading. I like the way you added the benefits of learning new skills through reading and perusing content. Its like being a student and learning a new topic that is part of the module or subject. I love to read so this is not an issue for me and I don’t procrastinate often , I usually do something I put my mind on. Learning is part of self training , the more you read or learn the better you equip yourself with more skills and reading improves your communication and writing skills and you get more experience when you dive into other tasks and even get a job be it volunteering to get experience.

    When I started blogging in 2020 the next year 2021 I was given a job by a publishing agency called Yati Publishing to write blogs about events and post content on its magazine which was called Gcwala 99 and though I only wrote 2 articles I was thrilled to work part time there.

    In the future I want to be Head of Content Marketing for an agency/company😊🙏

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  5. You appear to be an avid reader as well, Mthobisi. And that’s great, because reading is one of those fundamental skills that leads to so many other skills development opportunities. For those who like to write, reading regularly is one way to keep the written word flowing and growing. Not only does reading help generate ideas for topics to write about, but reading helps you to display better writing etiquette within your content. Keep developing your writing skills through writing as well as reading and you’ll be well on your way toward landing that dream job as Head of Content Marketing.

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