Blogging Truths Be Told: Your Blog Should Serve YOU (Part 2)

Rewarding . . . absolutely rewarding. It’s the first word that came to mind when I engaged in this little activity called reviewing my older posts and noticing how my line of thinking (from the past) jives with my line of thinking in the present. It reveals to me that I have some blogging principles that I can stand firmly on — principles that, no matter what changes occur in the blogosphere, I can remain true to.

One of those very principles is the idea that knowing your blogging “WHY” will save your career, which is why I devoted a whole blog post to that verifiable statement. You can take a look at that post here. It’s a great read, so you’ll want to check it out for a little blogging inspiration. And, I’ll even include some (but not all) of the post here in just a few paragraphs.

So, just know that today’s topic focuses on tying together your blogging WHY and your blog serving YOU (and others, for that matter).

Just think . . . if you don’t have a clue of why you’re doing what you do, then what’s the use of doing it in the first place? And, let’s just slip “blogging” in the above statement and reread.

If you don’t have a clue of why you’re blogging, then what’s the use of blogging in the first place?

Again, first things first.

Wouldn’t it make sense to have a reason behind the blogging actions you’re taking and the blogging decisions you’re making?

I’d say so. Because that reasoning — that WHY is what keeps the purposefulness and meaningfulness of the blog in center focus, keeping you on a path of displaying your unique blogging content (whether educational, inspirational, entertaining, or a mixture of the three).

Your blogging WHY will cut through the excuses, the challenges, the frustrations, the changes you have no control over, the internal and external negativity, the doubts, and the fears. REASON BEING: your blog serves a bigger purpose than all of those forces combined.

Now, I tend to go more inward when I think of my personal blogging WHY. Even though I have some extrinsic components that factor into why I blog. But when all else fails in keeping me on my blogging path, it’s the sheer internal benefits that truly keep me motivated and save my blogging career every time.

It may not be that way for everyone. And, that’s okay. Whatever the driving force that keeps you coming back for more blogging, let it motivate you to put out your best content — content that makes a positive impact on those who need your written voice out here.

And, when you’re fulfilling your blogging WHY, your blog can’t help but to serve you and, consequently, serve others.

From that blog post that I mentioned earlier, published initially back in October of 2021, I decided to reiterate some of the reasons (I’ve identified) that bloggers blog. Check ’em out below and then let me know what you think. They remind me of some of the reasons I listed for how my blog serves me in last week’s post, entitled Blogging Truths Be Told: Your Blog Should Serve YOU.

  • Blogging creates a sounding board where you can express your views to interested parties on an international platform.
  • Blogging provides a chronicling of your life (meant more for the individual writing it than for the people reading it). (May be thought of as journaling, even.)
  • Blogging allows you to share information that might help others with a specific process or processes. (The process can be personal or professionally-related.)
  • Blogging allows you to share information that might help others who are going through personal life journeys (where encouragement/inspiration is needed).
  • Blogging is a way to earn income.
  • Blogging provides a way to connect with others of like mind.
  • Blogging provides a way to connect with people of different demographics, cultures, belief systems, socio-economic levels, and personal/professional aspirations and undertakings from all over the world.
  • Blogging provides a way for a writer to practice his or her writing.
  • Blogging provides a way for you to entertain others through your commentary.
  • Blogging provides a way for you to inform and educate others through your commentary.
  • Blogging helps the creative entrepreneur to content market his or her business’ products and services.
  • Blogging provides a far-reaching impact with your content that could never be reached by distributing that same content on a one-on-one basis.
  • Blogging provides a great way to create an accountability system that can assist the procrastinator with GETTING THINGS DONE. (Communicating goals you intend to accomplish with an audience helps hold you accountable when you lack the discipline to hold yourself accountable without external influences.)
  • Blogging is FUN!
  • Blogging is a therapeutic way to let out some steam that you may not feel as comfortable doing verbally.
  • Blogging helps you to develop knowledge about a particular subject matter. (Who knows? You might even be seen as a subject matter expert because of the research needed to expound knowledge to your audience through your blog. Essentially, you learn as you blog.)
  • Blogging allows you to present yourself to an audience without having to be face-to-face.
  • Blogging provides the creative entrepreneur with a flexible working opportunity that can be done on his or her own time, at any location where a computer and the internet are located, and with whatever topic of interest he or she would like to convey to an audience. (In other words, blogging gives the blogger a lot of autonomy.)
  • Blogging builds up a content portfolio that can be presented to brands, companies, and professionals that you would like to do business with.
  • Blogging provides a way to conduct market research from a real-life audience.

(By the way, I can guarantee that this is not an all-inclusive list. So, with whatever I’ve inadvertently left out, please let me know so I can add any missing reasons to my list.)

And here’s me reiterating what I’ve been saying all along: your blogging why IS directly tied to how your blog serves you. The two correlate and feed off of one another. In fact, sometimes, they’re one in the same. With that, I’ll close out with a little assignment for you.

Blogging homework: If you haven’t figured it out already, it’s time to take a moment or two to do some deep contemplation of the creative path you’re traveling on.

Simply stated, is why you blog serving YOU?

If “yes,” you’re blessed to have that knowledge working for you. So, keep doing what you’re doing for your good and the good of others.

If your blog’s not serving you, no use you wasting your time doing something that’s unfruitful for you and others. Maybe it’s time for you to bail out OR (and I’d rather you go with this next option), figure out how to make your blog work for you, my friend. LET’S GO!

Figure It Out 2

4 thoughts on “Blogging Truths Be Told: Your Blog Should Serve YOU (Part 2)

  1. Having that reason why firmly planted in your mind knives through blogging resistance. I have blogged for fun and freedom for 15 years now. I keep at it even though it’s been quite a while since I first bought my domain and hosting.

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  2. Hey there Ryan, I absolutely love how you put that first sentence in your comment — having that WHY intact “knives through blogging resistance.” Very well stated and so, so, true. I truly enjoy this blogging life, and it’s wonderful hearing from a fellow blogger who’s been blogging for a substantial amount of time and is still having fun with it. Keep doing what you’re doing. Your blogging WHY seems to be serving you well. And, thanks so much for sharing with me. I really appreciate hearing from you. Have a wonderful rest of your day and week.

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  3. Amazing blog post about blogging. I agree that your blog should serve you. I love my blog which is centered around ‘Mens Fashion & Style” and I blog only about that with the purpose of helping men dress better. I believe that when you blog you should have a passion for it, write blogs you love and connect your brand with the readers, provide value for your readers and generate leads which are the benefits of blogging.

    Nice post once again from a Fashion Blogger in Swaziland

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  4. Hey there Mthobisi – I wish you the best in your mission to help men dress better. The fact that you’re doing something you enjoy with the purpose of helping others in return is such a blessing. Passion in mission is a surefire way to bring creative and quality content to those you serve. I will definitely check out your blog. I count it a privilege to support a fellow blogger’s creative content. Boy, do I appreciate being a part of the blogging community! Keep loving what you do and fulfilling your purpose-driven mission. Your viewership will thank you for it.

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