Blogging Truths Be Told: Your Blog Should Serve YOU

Let me try something a little different today. Okay? A different take on a well-known idea in the blogging world.

And here’s the well-known idea: A blog should be serving others in some way, whether it is to educate, inspire, or entertain.

You’ve heard this statement or something like it, haven’t you? Probably so. But if not, just know that this truism is out there and being regurgitated, reiterated, and reinforced every day by bloggers everywhere.

But, I want you to take “others” out of the focus for today and look at what your blog is actually doing for YOU.

Sounds a little selfish, possibly?


Well, here’s how I want you to look at today’s blog title, “Your Blog Should Serve You.” 

I want you look at it with the understanding that, when you pour out a lot into ANYTHING (and blogging’s no exception) without getting SOMETHING back in return, it can leave you a little depleted . . . drained . . . lifeless.

In fact, it’s like being amongst the “blogging dead.” You’re just going through the motions — the mechanical steps of pushing out content with no real connection to what you’re even doing.

It’s your duty to uphold your responsibilities of content creation. You have to keep to the blogging schedule and get a post out today, because others are depending on you to deliver. This is your day to EDUCATE, INSPIRE, and/or ENTERTAIN someone else, come rain or shine.

And, that’s all well and good, but what about YOU.

Is going through the motions of mechanically cranking out blogging content working for you? Is it serving you well? Talk to me.

I mean . . . having no real connection to what you’re doing as a blogger WILL come out to your reading audience through your written words on their screens. No doubt.

Folks out here are smart. And, they can tell when a blogger is disjointed from his or her message. Furthermore, how do you expect someone reading your message from the outside to connect to it if you’re not even connected to it from the inside. (Doesn’t make for a successful blog or blogging career, does it?)

And so, here’s what I propose . . .

Don’t disconnect yourself from your blog. Don’t focus only on the needs of others when you blog. 

Let your blog serve you, while it’s simultaneously serving others.

I mean, why do you blog in the first place? What’s your WHY for blogging? And if you can’t answer this question, then I can see why your blog isn’t serving you.

Oh, but wait just a sec.

Let’s just say that your WHY is that you want to make money from your blog. You know . . . to pay bills and meet basic needs and discretionary wants and the like. Maybe that’s your WHY and how you want your blog to serve you. Cool, but what happens when you aren’t making any money from your blogging efforts — at least, not just yet? What happens then?

Well, I’d venture to say that many-a-so-called-blogger has probably given up on the blogging scene when the money didn’t come through in a timely manner.

So then, I’d have to surmise that building your connection to your blog, solely through tangible incentives, can’t be the way to go. Maybe, just maybe you have to build your connection to your blog through some intangibles benefits — those highly-valued ideals and attributes that result from individuals putting their all into something even when they may not see anything tangible in return.

Now, I was trying not to put myself into the mix with this particular blog post, but I’ve got to do it in order to drive a point home. After all, I have a connection with my blog; and, I can’t help but to bring out experiences of my own in hopes that my sharing will benefit you in some meaningful way.

So, in a previous blog post, entitled Blog Appreciation Day, I shared that my blog:

  • allows me to share my business and creative goals and journeys with you. Human Connection
  • has improved my writing over time. Competency
  • gives me a sense of purpose and meaningfulness in what I choose to do creatively. Sense of Purpose and Meaningfulness
  • provides me with the flexibility to do something I thoroughly enjoy — writing. Self-fulfillment
  • affords me the opportunity to meet some really great people with infectiously creative minds. Building Relationships
  • gives me a sense of achievement by allowing me to create a presence in this vast online expanse, known as the Internet. Sense of Achievement
  • encourages me as well as others to seek continuous educational opportunities and to consistently strive for success in areas of personal and professional development. Learning
  • chronicles my creative journey and allows me to see my progression in this journey. Growth
  • serves as a way to spread positive messaging to SO MANY MORE people than I could ever hope to meet in person. Opportunity to Communicate Positive Inspiration
  • is my creative HOME base and the residence in which all of my other creative spaces have found a room to comfortably occupy. Sense of Belonging

If you’ll notice the bolded words and phrases in the bullet points above, they were not a part of the blog post I just linked to. Actually, I just added them for the purpose of this post to pinpoint the ways in which my blog SERVES me in very intangible ways.

Which is WHY I’ve consistently blogged for the past 4 years and will continue to do so until my blog no longer serves me in these capacities.

And, I don’t want you to view this statement in a negatively selfish way. Please take it in a positively selfish way. And here’s what I mean —

Just like you can’t appropriately and sustainably take care of your family if you don’t mentally, physically, and spiritually take care of yourself . . . you can’t appropriately and sustainably serve your blogging audience if your blog isn’t serving you.

So, first things first. 

Please, please, please get your WHY for blogging in order. Your blogging WHY will, undoubtedly, help you determine how your blog can serve you, which, in turn, will help your blog to serve others.

More on this topic to come in next week’s follow-up of how your blog should be serving you.

Happy Blogger 2  

4 thoughts on “Blogging Truths Be Told: Your Blog Should Serve YOU

  1. Jana,
    I like the way you have set out the reasons that you blog. All what you say is true, although I cannot say I have ever tried to evaluate the reasons why I do. You see, I am answering your blog now and I don’t know why. From my part, I think it is just another form of communication, which is always a pleasant thing to do with someone with similar interests.
    What I would like to see is more people responding to original blogs, even if it is only a few words. I believe all blogs should be a two way conversation wherever possible. Mind you, I sometimes just “like” as laziness creeps in sometimes. Stop reminding me of my weaknesses!
    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to comment.
    Regards, Phil

    Liked by 1 person

  2. You totally have me smiling reading your comment, especially with the ” . . . I am answering your blog now and I don’t know why” and ” . . . I sometimes just “like” as laziness creeps in sometimes.” You are too awesome, Phil. First of all, I know why you respond to my blog posts — it’s because you, again, are awesome and you know how much it makes my day. Furthermore, you for one are not lazy. I’m a regular witness to the time you take out of your day to thoughtfully contribute to my blogging sentiments. I really appreciate it, too. Keeps me excited about continuing to share. And yes, the two-way communication factor is SO VERY IMPORTANT, which is why I need to be more cognizant of doing that very thing with the wonderful blogging friends I have. Lastly, please don’t feel like you have to thank me for giving you the opportunity to comment (as you stated). I, honestly, count it a privilege that you do. Thanks for gracing my blog with your presence. Have a great week, Phil!


  3. I appreciate you so much, Emah. Thanks for checking out this blog post. I hope you continue to find some value in these articles — tips you can apply to your own wonderful creative endeavors.


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