Creative Entrepreneurship Basics: Cater to the Seasons in Life (Part 2)

So, I’m not going to keep you long today. No, not at all. I just wanted to follow up with you regarding last week’s post entitled Creative Entrepreneurship Basics: Cater to the Seasons in Life, where I mentioned that I’d be doing some back-to-school store readiness prep. And so, I just finished getting some of my back-to-school products up on my Teachers Pay Teachers (TpT) store in order to cater to the impending season at hand. (Haven’t quite made it to Etsy just yet.)

But that’s okay. Etsy will be updated with the new product offerings shortly.

My focus for last week and this week is the Degrees of Maternity Teachers Pay Teachers store, which is conducting a sitewide sale, starting tomorrow (August 2nd) and will continue through August 3rd.

I love these back-to-school (before school starts) sales, because they’re great in helping to prep teachers and parents for a successful start to their children’s school year.

Now, the sale is sitewide, which means that you’ll find sales from many different sellers happening all during this August 2nd through 3rd sales event. So, I’m encouraging you to get the schooling goodies while the getting’s good. And getting products while they’ve been discounted is just a wise thing to do, especially with all of the expenses that add up at the beginning of every school year.

Oh, and while I’m encouraging you to check out other sellers’ TpT stores, please don’t forget to stop by mine, as well. I promise I’ve got some good stuff over there. And if you’re looking for fun incentives, tools, and resources to encourage children in the development of their reading and writing skills, I guarantee you’ll be able to find something you can come away with that will meet the reading and writing needs of your young child.

On top of that, I even recently (just today, as a matter of fact), uploaded 3 new back-to-school printable products to my TpT store. I’m talking about . . . student name tags to go on student desktops to mark their “homes” away from home, labels to identify areas in the class or house that are designated for school supply storage and retrieval, and classroom lists and student name tags that make start-of-the-school-year introductions a little bit easier. And these items are sure to be of some helpful use to teachers and parents as they prep their classrooms and homeschool rooms for a new and exciting school year.

By clicking on the link below the images, you’ll be able to see just what I’m talking about:

So, I’ll just end by stating that I’d love to see you come by and visit my store anytime. But, tomorrow or even Wednesday would be even better, because you’ll be able to get up to 25% off on all of my products when you use the promo code BTS22. 

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