Creative Entrepreneurship Basics: Cater to the Seasons in Life

One thing I’ve come to realize in entrepreneurship is the importance of the times in which we live. Yes, COVID has created a sensitivity to how we conduct business these days. Undoubtedly, there’s been an increased dependency on technology. For, technology has bridged SO many gaps where the human touch couldn’t or wasn’t allowed to meet the mark.

But that’s not even what I’m talking about, when referring to “catering to the times.”

What I’m actually trying to hone in on IS looking at where we’re at in how the world cyclically functions on a yearly basis.

There are certain “seasons” in life that affect the purchasing patterns of your clients and customers out there. And it’s up to YOU to figure out what those “seasons” are and when those “seasons” are.

Now, I’m the kind of gal that strives to create, based on the evergreen effect.

Here’s what I mean —

Have you ever noticed how evergreen trees can withstand the different seasons they’re faced with? They just hang around in all their glory — ALL YEAR LONG — doing what they do. In fact, their leaves stay vibrantly green all year. And, these trees maintain a strong presence since they practically grow year-round, as well.

And so, I like being evergreen in my creativity — creating things that can withstand the changes in times and seasons and can be purposefully relevant all year long. I absolutely love the evergreen effect.

But there are those times that are “special” times, where it would be downright criminal not to stop and recognize the advantages of concentrating dedicated focus to a season that happens at a particular time (and only at that time) within the year. Don’t you think?

I mean . . . let’s take Degrees of Maternity, for example. One of Degrees of Maternity’s specialties is advocating for reading and writing development in adults and (even more fervently) in children. Hey, there’s nothing like witnessing little ones grow in mastering core skills that they’ll be able to use in ALL areas of life throughout their whole lives. And so, I wholeheartedly cherish opportunities to encourage individuals to read and write.

So, you might guess that it would come naturally for me to be keenly sensitive to the back-to-school season when it comes to my entrepreneurial efforts. And, it would be safe to say that even though I offer reading and writing tools to children and adults that can be used at any time and at all times, I’ve decided to take a small detour in my incentives resources to create more of the homeschooling and classroom resources that teachers and students might find helpful for the start of the school year.

After all, school will begin for a lot of people in my locale, over the course of the next two to three weeks (mid-August), and that season is just around the corner. It’s Back-To-School (BTS) Time!

So, guess what I’ve decided to do?

Well . . .

I’ve decided to do what I did last year, when I created the “Welcome to _________ Grade” cards — cards for Kindergarten through Fifth Grades. Yes, indeed. I’ve decided to repeat that same thing of creating more products that are “BTS“-themed — but on a more prominent scale this time.

Kindergarten Welcome Card Thumbnail

In fact, I’ll be rolling out more than one BTS product line this BTS season. And, it all starts this week with the first four products scheduled to show up on the Degrees of Maternity Etsy and Teachers Pay Teachers shops.

And I’m pretty sure I’ll have some sales coming up in the month of August (just in time for back to school) that will allow for just-in-time shopping for the parent’s/teacher’s homeroom or classroom. Stay tuned . . .

And lastly, I said all of that to say, never underestimate the importance of highly anticipated seasons during your entrepreneurial year. Identify them and then seasonally cater to the ones that align with your creative interests and goals. You just might find that serving your customers and clients during these “special” times could lead to timely solutions to individuals’ needs and bountiful sales for your business. A WIN-WIN all the way around!

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