Blog Appreciation Day

First of all, I apologize for my tardiness once again. I have no excuses, so I’m not going to make one up. Just know that I can’t stay away from my blog for very long. And these longer stretches of time in between blog posts (down to once a week now) are actually harder on me than the 2 to 3 times a week schedule I held down in my recent past. Essentially, lengthy stretches of time between posts may not be the best option for me.

Let’s just say that I’m trying to work out a new flow with this new schedule. And sometimes, new processes just take a little time in order to flesh out the kinks. So much for ditching the excuses. (Hey, at least it’s not a “made up” excuse — it’s very much a “whole truth and nothing but” excuse.)

Well, enough of that. Let’s switch gears ⇓

Okay, so I just came up with this celebratory gesture for my own selfish purposes. And, maybe I’m using the words “came up with” a little too loosely. Unfortunately, I can’t coin an event like “Blog Appreciation Day” and call myself its originator. Namely, because if I actually do an extensive Google search, I’ll probably find others out there in the world who thought up this very string of three words put together before I did. So, I’ll just play it safe and assume I’m not the first to think of such an honorary day.

Or, wait a minute. I just did a brief look-see online and I found a “Blogger Appreciation Day” — not “Blog Appreciation Day.” (Close, but still a big difference between the two, since one is recognizing the blogger (person) and the other is recognizing the blog (content hub)).

On a second look-see, I did find a “Blog Appreciation Day,” but its focus was still on the writer of the blog.

So, did I actually come up with an intended meaning to a term that’s never been used before? Well, since I didn’t do any extensive research, I’m going to say “probably not,” because there’s rarely a new thing under the sun that hasn’t been brought to light yet.

But, it’s kind of fun, thinking I could have thought up something brand spanking new. And of course, you could squash my very dreams by telling me that Blog Appreciation Day with my intended meaning already exists. And if that’s the case, please send the proof my way so I can stand officially corrected.

Nevertheless, in all seriousness, we’re going to talk blog appreciation for a minute or two. Reason being: I want to recognize my blog, Degrees of Maternity, for giving me so much when other creative avenues have regularly petered out on me or abruptly cut me off cold turkey.

Blogging is the only creative outlet of mine that’s continued to hang strong for nearly 4 years now. And, I can easily see another 4 years in my vantage point. NOTE: when you’ve found something creatively enjoyable to do for 4 years, I think it’s safe to say that that creative something is a keeper. Don’t you think?

I mean, do you have something you’ve been creatively doing (consistently and with longevity, to boot) that you’re STILL passionate about and can see yourself doing long-term into the future?

If so, then we’ve found a complementary focus that fulfills a meaningful placement in our lives. And, I personally think that such a discovery is worth appreciating and celebrating.

For me, my blog has been the creative expression that’s birthed all the other Degrees of Maternity activities (past and present) and has kept those remaining as a tight-knit online family, working as a unit.

I owe a lot to my blog. Let me count some of the ways.

My blog:

  • allows me to share my business and creative goals and journeys with you.
  • has improved my writing over time.
  • gives me a sense of purpose and meaningfulness in what I choose to do creatively.
  • provides me with the flexibility to do something I thoroughly enjoy — writing.
  • affords me the opportunity to meet some really great people with infectiously creative minds.
  • gives me a sense of achievement by allowing me to create a presence in this vast online expanse, known as the Internet.
  • encourages me as well as others to seek continuous educational opportunities and to consistently strive for success in areas of personal and professional development.
  • chronicles my creative journey and allows me to see my progression in this journey.
  • serves as a way to spread positive messaging to SO MANY MORE people than I could ever hope to meet in person.
  • is my creative HOME base and the residence in which all of my other creative spaces have found a room to comfortably occupy.

So, I just named 10 reasons that I appreciate my blog. I could actually list 10 more and probably 10 more after that, but I want to leave the next 10 for you to come up with. I want you to write down or type up your 10 reasons (at least 10 — but do more if you can) for why you appreciate your blog. And, save your list somewhere — in your physical files or computer files — for safe keeping.

Now, I’m fully aware that not everyone participates in the blogging scene. And if blogging is not in your creative experience, then let your 10 reasons be associated with wherever your creative passion lies. It doesn’t have to be a blog.

And once those reasons are recorded, then I want you to reflect on these 10 reasons whenever you’re in a creative rut and feeling uninspired, or whenever you’re thinking of giving up your blog and moving onto other things, or whenever external and unavoidable circumstances put formidable stumbling blocks in the way of your blogging efforts.

Remind yourself of why you do what you do and why doing what you do fills a placement in your personal makeup that “it” can only successfully occupy.

And lastly, appreciate that “something” with the 10 reasons by honoring it with your commitment, consistency, and confidence in its ability to serve its meaningful purpose in your life and in the lives of others.

Thank You on Keyboard

2 thoughts on “Blog Appreciation Day

  1. Jana, This is going to be short and sweet, although I can vouch for the short bit, and as I have not really tasted it yet I don’t know how sweet it may be.
    I always appreciate your blogs, so today is “Blog Appreciation Day” at least as far as I am concerned.
    As you know, I am not blogging much at the moment as my novel writing is taking up so much of my time. I am now on page 152, so getting close to the planned halfway point, although the story is not even close to halfway done. Maybe it might end up never ending. What a thought!
    That’s all folks!!!!
    Regards, Phil
    see – I told you it would be short, but it is not very sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hey Phil! It seems so long since we last visited. You know you’ve spoiled me, don’t you? I look so forward to hearing from you and the knowledge you’ll be sending my way. When I pray, I usually have “wisdom” mentioned somewhere in there because I need it each and every day. So, I enjoy your thoughts and today is right in line with all the other good stuff you deliver. Your words don’t have to be lengthy to be good. And they’re good (or “sweet” as you mentioned). What I’m gleaning from your comments today is that certain priorities have to take a back seat to let other priorities take the wheel. It happens all the time. And, we just have to work with that the best we can. I’m excited about the progress you’re making on your book. I know it feels good to be moving along like you are (even though you say you’ve got a ways to go). But, I love it. Consistency in progress is the key thing. And, if you’re working on your book with a determination to keep things moving (as it appears you certainly are), you’ll successfully reach that destination point. And, the sooner you do so, the sooner you get back to your blogging. I’m here for all of it. Keep doing your thing, Phil!


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