The Blogging Mindset: Mission with Passion Trumps Limitations (Part 2)

Today, on the agenda, I’d like to continue the discussion from last week’s The Blogging Mindset: Mission with Passion Trumps Limitations. Partly, because “mission with passion” is such an intriguing concept to unpack. And mainly, because I said I would be doing so. And, I want to follow through with my written commitment.

Part 1 gave you a glimpse into some of the limiting factors that have slowed down my blogging process over the course of my content creation career with Degrees of Maternity. And while I tend to think about how much further I could be in my journey if I hadn’t given those limitations the time of day, I believe that everything happens for a reason in life. And there are those life lessons that can be learned in the limitations.

Hard lessons, sometimes. But, “lessons” nonetheless.

And since I’m all about the learning opportunities around here, I chose to benefit off of the education from my shortcomings. Let me just present them to you again for the purpose of this discussion. Some of my limitations (shortcomings) are as follows:

  • I’m not a tech whiz.
  • I’m just not into social media and I don’t have a big social media following.
  • I’m too old school.
  • I can’t do all the things.
  • Certain aspects of marketing are cringey to me.
  • I’m a wife, mother, and daughter and have major family responsibilities.
  • I hear time and time again that I need to niche down and pick a topic already, but I have different topics I want to blog about.

So, I know I’ve been referring to my so-called areas of weakness as “limitations/shortcomings,” but in today’s Degrees of Maternity vernacular, I don’t look at these factors as negatives or hindrances at all. They are facets of me, myself, and I that create my personal makeup. And, I appreciate the Creative I’ve developed into. If I didn’t take on these particular nuances of what makes me who I am, then I’d be a different person. And I don’t want to be anyone else but me.

I’m free to be me in all my imperfections and that’s okay.

Have you ever looked at your “limitations” in that positive of a view? I’m curious to know. Or, do you tend to bad mouth yourself, wishing that you were someone else — someone you’re not?

Now, don’t get me wrong. I definitely believe in bettering yourself. That’s what Degrees of Maternity advocates for — day-in and day-out. No, I’m not telling you to halt your growth in any way. I’m simply saying that you have to be real with yourself and determine what areas in life you’re wanting to grow up in and what areas of life you want to grow up from.

Just to clarify what I mean — all the the things I mentioned in my list above are no longer limitations for me. I don’t view them in that way anymore. Namely, because my “mission with passion” overrides any negative ramifications that supposedly result from these factors — factors that others may view as limiting; but to me, they are a part of the creative person I am and therefore are “worked around,” “worked out,” or “worked over.” So, I’ve determined to take these areas that need some work and grow up in them.

Check this out:

  • I’m not a tech whiz. (I work around my “technologically-challenged” tendencies by staying in my lane. I don’t do anything with tech that I’m not comfortable with. I also know how to call for help when I need it. Grown children and preteens who are nifty with technology are good resources as well as the Happiness Engineers at WordPress. In other words, I know where to find my blogging help when I need it.)
  • I’m just not into social media and I don’t have a big social media following. (Well, who says that all Creatives have to be social media fans? I use it a little because it’s purposeful for certain things, but I don’t relish in it. I’m much more interested in other online avenues. And since I only have a certain amount of time in the day to offer up my attention, I choose not to preoccupy it too much with social media. So, I’ve worked out an understanding with social media. I’ll use it, as needed, and will stick to being its distant acquaintance for the most part.
  • I’m too old school. (I like being old school. As a matter of fact, someone has to hold down the old-school swag around here and I’m proudly working it out every day. Everybody can’t be next generation clones of one another. Right? So, why not be uniquely appreciative of the who you are. Hey, and new isn’t always better.)
  • I can’t do all the things. (And like I said in part 1 of this topic last week, I don’t have to be all things or do all things. No one can. So, I worked over that messed-up mindset. The sooner I came to realize that I don’t have to be a busybody, the sooner the weight of the disillusioned creator released itself from my shoulders and I felt creatively freer than I’d ever felt before.)
  • Certain aspects of marketing are cringey to me. (Still are, but I work around this feeling. There are SO many different ways to market yourself and your offerings. So, I’ve decided not to force myself to be uncomfortable in this space. I know how I feel when I think I’m being “sold” and it’s not the best feeling. So, I’m determined to do my marketing thing on my own terms in ways that feel comfortable to me and, hopefully, to those my offerings appeal to.)
  • I’m a wife, mother, and daughter and have major family responsibilities. (FAMILY COMES FIRST! So, I’ve worked out this understanding with my creative tendencies, and they know who’s boss when it comes to Jana’s priorities.)
  • I hear time and time again that I need to niche down and pick a topic already, but I have different topics I want to blog about. (Okay, I worked around this one — all the way. I really fought hard to do what I wanted to do for a long time, which was blog about a whole bunch of different things. But, I came to realize that it was kind of exhausting to do so, and it sent me (and wonderful folk like yourself) all over the place with my content. So, I figured out a way to make the content more streamlined on the blog but still get to write about various topics (in a way that is less taxing on myself). Consequently, the Dominators News newsletter was created to help me capture all the “extra” stuff (outside of my niche topics) that I still wanted to write about but not on the blog.)

Now that you’ve witnessed what I’ve done to “work around,” “work out,” or “work over” those aspects of my personal makeup that, at first glance, seemed to be slowing me down creatively, let me hear about yours? If you’re willing to share, that is. You know you’re always welcomed to do so.

And, can you guess what all these intricacies of my personal makeup have in common?

Well, they were “worked on” because my mission was more important than the initial negative energy I assigned to them. I am determined to do what I do at Degrees of Maternity, because I believe in the mission behind it — to encourage people (through my writing) to make incremental life improvements for the better . . . taking the positive steps that lead to the ultimate goal destination.

Therefore, the so-called limitations will inevitably get adjusted, because I’m going to keep on chugging along, bringing my mission with passion right along with me. Can you relate? 


2 thoughts on “The Blogging Mindset: Mission with Passion Trumps Limitations (Part 2)

  1. Jana, There are four parts of your blog that I wish to comment on.
    The first is who you believe you are: I think it is extremely important to be true to yourself. That is, understand and accept your strengths and weaknesses, and, at the same time, work to your strengths and work on improving your weaknesses.
    The second are your words, “… new is not always better.” I fully support that statement, and, unfortunately, the modern world does not normally agree with that statement. I don’t care what some say, but I do not believe that fundamentally, human beings have changed greatly since early Egyptian times. Because of our lengthy reproduction cycle, us humans only have about 40 generations per 1,000 years. Not many when it comes to human evolution, and therefore it takes considerable time to fundamentally change who we basically are.
    Thirdly, unfortunately I cannot remember the third one, so I will just have to pick another one. Now, let me see! Ah, yes, Ambition. It is a word that does not sit comfortably with me, because it so often causes one to become blind to the wider picture. Ambition often has a narrow focus and everything else takes a back seat. That, in itself, is not a healthy place to be. Being, or becoming, a well rounded individual means you are more likely to be happier in your own skin, and that is beneficial.
    And the last one (forth), is your comment about being “old school”. Well, join the club. It is unusual for a younger person to either understand or accept that concept, so good on you for acknowledging that.
    Well done Jana, you have made me think about and comment on your blog, and while that has taken me away from adding to my book, I thank you for it. Now it is time to get back to my historical research.
    Regards, Phil

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  2. I absolutely love your wit and humor, Phil. You definitely make my comments section lively with it. Hee. Hee. You especially crack me up regarding the “old school” response. I figured you’d appreciate that one. But, I truly consider myself old school in so many ways and I wear that badge with no regrets. There’s so much wisdom in the “more seasoned” generations — so much so to where the younger generations better wise up and listen a minute or two. There’s some good stuff they can learn. While I’m getting up there in age myself, there’s something I love about hanging around my parents and folks in their generation. Such wisdom, I tell you! That’s why I’m so thankful you happened to find me online one day. I truly have been blessed by the things you share on my blog. Believe me when I say, “I’m listening through the reading.” Keep on passing the knowledge my way. I’m never too grown up or “old school” to learn wisdom from those who’ve been around longer than me and know a thing or two about a thing or two. Again, “new isn’t always better.”


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