The Blogging Mindset: Mission with Passion Trumps Limitations

When thinking of what I would discuss with you today, my mind quickly took me to all the excuses I’ve told myself (a time or two or more) for why I can’t be highly successful at blogging like —

  • I’m not a tech whiz — how can I update my blog site to the 21st century?
  • I’m just not into social media and I don’t have a big social media following — how can I spread the word and gain more audience attention?
  • I’m too old school — how can I stay relevant in an ever-changing world?
  • I can’t do all the things — well, what human being actually can?
  • Certain aspects of marketing are cringey to me — so, how do I position myself so others know Degrees of Maternity exists and it’s out here to make a positive impact?
  • I’m a wife, mother, and daughter and have major family responsibilities — how do I make time to do the work involved in blogging?
  • I hear time and time again that I need to niche down and pick a topic already, but I have different topics I want to blog about — am I hurting my chances of ranking in SEO?

I just provided a few examples of the limiting thought processes I’ve gone through over the course of my blogging career — a little over 3-1/2 years now. There are definitely some more. But those listed are the more prominent ones that have taken up WAY TOO MUCH of my blogging time in worrying about.

But, guess what?

I’m still here.

So, what makes a person stick around, doing something that disrupts the serenity of his or her inner sanctum, making that person question the steps taken, the path traveled, and the direction he or she is going with a process that challenges the mindset on a daily basis?

Hmmm . . . Well . . .

Where there’s a will, there’s a way.

And when there’s a mission (with passion fueling it), limiting factors are worked around, worked out, or worked over. One of the three.

Now, I could take the list (above) and break it down based on which of the three methods (“worked around”, “worked out,” or “worked over”) I’ve used (or am using) to overcome those limiting factors that have tried to keep me stuck in my blogging mission, BUT —


A better use of our time would be to talk about you.

Yes, let’s turn some introspective focus on you — self-inventory-style.

If you blog, then there’s obviously something that made you take on the process. That something was your driving force (the catalyst) to take action on the act of blogging. Let’s call that driving force your MOTIVATION.

Maybe that MOTIVATION involves the fact that you enjoy writing and want to see where your written creativity will take you.

Or, you want to connect with people on a broader scope through your written messages.

Or, you want to make money.

Or, you want to engage in an activity that you can comfortably do from home because that’s where you like hanging out most of the time.

Maybe you blog because you want to get customer feedback about a product or service your business offers.

Maybe you blog because you have thoughts and aspirations, goals and feelings that you want to chronicle somewhere — like you would in a diary.

The list goes on and on because MOTIVATORS are different for each individual. And do you know how many bloggers we have out here in these online roadways? Hundreds of MILLIONS!

But, motivators are different from the MISSION.

Motivators are the driving forces that get the process started, but mission is what carries the activity through until the goal destination is reached. And, sometimes the goal destination is an ongoing endeavor, measured by progress moving in a positive direction instead of reaching a final destination.

Again, motivators initially get your rear into gear, but mission propels you forward, taking you the distance and carrying you the rest of way through your process where motivation has ushered you in.

And since I’ve introduced you to some good stuff that I plan to follow-up on next Friday, I’d like to know what was the motivating factor(s) that led you to blogging. Just the motivator(s) that started it all. I’ll share mine with you. Actually, I shared it with you a time or two before, but in case you missed it  . . .

I started blogging to develop my writing and help build up my book writing career.

Tag, you’re it!


6 thoughts on “The Blogging Mindset: Mission with Passion Trumps Limitations

  1. Wanting to be more than just a stay at home mom! It was kind of rough to be taken away from my graduate program and then from a job I enjoyed to only being at home with two little kids, so, in order to not drown and drive myself crazy, I turned to blogging. It’s been tough the past couple of years, but it’s also been nice to feel like I’m more than just a mom.

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  2. Wow, Kat! Yes, I totally can relate. We have to have something besides catering to everyone else all day. Although we love our family, it’s nice to have something that’s just ours — something that lights our fire. So, blogging it is for me too, dear friend. Being a “mom” is the greatest role I’ll ever fulfill, but I love having a passion project that keeps my mind creatively functioning as well. Thanks so much for sharing your blogging motivator with me. I love it.

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  3. Jan, There are two thoughts in your blog that caught my eye. The first one relates to picking a single subject and sticking with that, although you say you do not/cannot do that. While I am also inclined to roam all over the place, I think there are benefits for narrowing down one’s focus. If you can hit the right subject I think you can increase readership, because you become somewhat of an expert and are looked up to, and followed accordingly. .
    The other matter you raised was the saying, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. My mother, bless her sole, who passed away over 40 years ago, used that term many, many times. Although now ingrained into my brain, I still believe the saying to be extremely accurate. It goes with the other one, “If you don’t first succeed, try, try and try again”. Another truism!
    Regards, Phil

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  4. Yes, exactly! Being a mom is so rewarding and it’s so wonderful to have the opportunity to watch our children learn and grow. But it’s also really nice to have something to call our own. I especially love how you tie your passion project in with motherhood and how your kids get to jump in and take part!

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  5. Yaassss. You’ve hit the nail on the head, Kat. Being able to incorporate my children (even the grown ones) in what I do has been an ABSOLUTE blessing. You know us Moms give SO MUCH of ourselves to our children day-in and day-out, and they pretty much become our world (or a big part of it anyway). So, I knew that anything I would do creatively would totally have to involve them somehow. It just would. And really, they are the inspiration for Degrees of Maternity. I don’t think I would have been directed into knowing what to write or blog about if it wasn’t for them. So apparently, they are my “writing” world, too. Thanks for the heartfelt sentiments and “real talk” you share with me. You always put that extra zip of sunshine in my day, Kat. Plus, you’re such a giving encourager. Never change, dear friend. The world needs more people with your beautiful spirit in it. Have a blessed day.

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  6. Hey there Phil, the whole picking a single subject and sticking with it has historically been a struggle for me. I want to write about ALL THE THINGS, but I’ve narrowed my topics down over the years — reluctantly at first. But, I’ve come to find that it’s actually really rewarding to do so. It frees up your time a bit more and allows you to concentrate on one or a few things, instead of having to know everything — which you can’t do anyway. So, simplifying has been my thing this year and simplifying it is. I continue to keep working on it. It’s a process, you know. Oh, and your Mother quoted some good stuff with the “where there’s a will, there’s a way.” I love this saying, because it totally holds true and will until the end of time. This saying reminds me that the mindset we hold can drive action that leads to results in the positive direction if we let it. I love the other truism you mentioned as well. All good stuff!


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