3 Ways Writers Can Produce Their Best Work IMMEDIATELY (Number Two)

Writing is on the table for today’s discussion. Yes, indeedie. And, I’m going to let you in on a little not-so-well-kept secret of mine — I ABSOLUTELY LOVE to write! I think the writing gene’s been in my unofficial DNA since the beginning of my existence. However, the gene seemed to lie dormant until I was of middle school age. And, something word-like started blooming inside of me.

As time would press on, that writing gene became more dominant in my personal make-up as I ventured into higher education and adulthood — until it finally fully-activated in my middle-aged years.

What’s ironic is I NEVER anticipated, as a young adult in my 20’s, that I’d be doing what I’m doing as an older adult in my 40’s. But, I’m intrigued by the journey I’ve taken and I’m totally head over heels. Like I said before, I LOVE writing.

(And if you don’t believe me, just check out this BIG REVEAL that represents just how passionate I am about this whole writing thing.)

Now, I want to bring you along with me, so we can continue the discussion from last Monday’s post. I vividly recall starting in on INCENTIVIZING THE WRITER by focusing on universal writing tips that work across the board for everyone no matter what you’re writing about.

The number one tip was to write during the time(s) of day where you’ll get “real” work done. It was a great way to open up discussion on ways writers can produce their best work IMMEDIATELY. And, you’ll just have to take my written word for it, or check it out for yourself here. Either way, we’re moving on, my friend. Because, I have the “number two” tip to keep me pretty occupied for today.

So, let’s take the writing discussion to:

Number Two: Write on Subject Matter You Enjoy.

Seems pretty elementary, my dear. Doesn’t it?

Well, yes. Unless it isn’t.

And here’s why . . .

You can’t possibly tell me that ALL writers are writing about subject matter they enjoy or in writing niches that are their jam. No, I’ll never believe it, because I know it isn’t true.

Not all writing assignments are created equally-appealing to the writer. As a matter of fact, it’s actually pretty counterproductive to spend creative energy on an activity you love (like writing) but on written subject matter you just don’t have feelings for. Such a disjointed relationship can’t last for all that long.

But, don’t get me wrong. The highly-skilled writing professional can, sometimes, pull off the unimaginable. Let’s just call it “fake it” for lack of a better term. I mean he or she has been known to put out some stellar wordsmithing, even when the true feelings aren’t there. It happens. But again, how long can such an incompatible relationship sustain itself? Seems like a pretty miserable pairing of creative potential.

Which brings me back to . . .

Number Two: Write on Subject Matter You Enjoy.

You owe it to yourself and your topic/niche to make this tip a priority in your creative endeavors. Wouldn’t it benefit you (as a writer) and your reading audience MORE to simply write about the stuff you enjoy? It’s a rhetorical question, but you know you need to answer with the affirmative, don’t you?


Okay, I’ll stop with the questions. But, I really want you to contemplate what I’m saying here. Your time and efforts would be better spent by writing about topics that make you and your writing come alive. When you feel what you write, so can your readers. And when you don’t feel what you write, THEN . . . (fill in the blank).

Let’s just be REAL. Spending time doing what you enjoy is so much more rewarding than not. You can flow more smoothly when you’re in your true creative zone, writing on subject matter that you feel something for. In such instances, a true marrying of the writer and topic comes out loud and clear in the text.

Furthermore, if you keep functioning in a space where there’s no feeling or connection in your writing, then I’m afraid you’ll lose those readers who need to FEEL some connection and relation to the content they’re reading. (Simply stated, no one wants to read content that its own writer has rejected.)

And avid readers of content can easily spot a genuine love between writer and the written word, which translates into the type of connection with content that the reader wholeheartedly wants to experience over and over again.

So, give the reader what he or she wants.

In fact, just do YOURSELF a favor — simplify things and find subjects you enjoy. Then, GO write about them. I DARE YOU!


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