The Creative Entrepreneurial Mindset

If you’re wondering where the goal setting for our conquering the work-life balance conundrum went, it’s still in the works. At least, I hope you’re working on fine-tuning those goals of yours that may have needed some SMARTening. (Please revisit Conquering the Creative Work-Life Balance: Goal-Setting Step 3 (SMART Goals) to refresh your memory on our discussion for the third step of the goal-setting process.)

In essence, you have another week to keep plugging along on the goal setting before we jump back in it together. Woo hoo! (I believe in providing you and me with ample time to work on such an important piece of the process. Plus, I just wanted to talk about mindset today. I hope you don’t mind. No pun intended.)

So, I want to draw your attention to the good old mind state that we carry around with us. The mind/mindset is a complex thing and it can change on us from day to day (or even within the course of the same day).

And when it comes to thought processes, regarding the creative entrepreneurial journey, our mindsets can take us through a roller coaster of feelings, emotions, attitudes, perspectives, and outlooks.

Like I said — the mind is a complex thing. (I’m fishing for a better word than “thing” when referring to the mind, but nothing‘s coming to mind. (Pun intended this time. Hee. Hee.)

I guess what I’m getting at is that our mindset is very important in how we ebb and flow while on a Creative’s journey.

One day, we could be on cloud nine, thinking about endless possibilities awaiting us as we pursue our creative endeavors. And the next day (or that same day), we could totally deflate after a launch fails to generate any interest in our endeavor whatsoever.

One day, we could have an overwhelming string of noteworthy ideas to creatively take action on. And the next day (or that same day), we could talk ourselves out of taking action on every single one of those ideas.

One day, we could decide to JUST START investing our time, energy, and resources into our new creative endeavor. And the next day (or that same day), we could decide that we don’t really have the time, energy, and resources NOW to start our creative endeavor. So, it can wait for “some time” in the future.

(Hey are the majority of us ever going to have all the time, energy, and resources we want for our creative visions? Probably not, so we might as well get going. Or, stay stuck while we’re waiting.)

I could keep going, but again . . .


And, I’m not pretending to have it figured out, either. No earthly person can. However, here’s one take-away I’m pretty solid on, regarding the creative entrepreneurial mindset. And it goes something like:

If you have a purpose-driven mission that your creative endeavor fulfills (for the positive — for the better), then you owe it to yourself and others to see your pursuit through.

That means you must keep your mindset in a forward-moving/thinking approach to the goal destination . . . no matter the challenges that try to disrupt progress toward the end result.

Simple as that.

But not that simple in application. I know.

Been there. Done that. And, still doing that. So, I get it.

Nevertheless, here’s what I do when the mindset shifts take me to a place where I can think so polar opposite from one point in the day to another point in the next day or from one point in the day to another point in that same day . . .

I remember WHY I’m doing what I’m doing. And since my WHY

  • is filled with purpose and an ultimate mission in mind,
  • provides a benefit to others,
  • has the ability to influence others in a most positive way for their betterment,
  • seeks to fulfill my fullest potential,
  • is something I enjoy and brings me joy,
  • is a rightful placement where I do my best work,
  • completely fulfills my professional void,
  • allows me to work in a capacity of helpfulness,
  • is something realistically sustainable that I can do ’til the end of time, AND
  • will never get old because it interests me and has so many facets to it;

– then, I can resume the mindset balance I need to remind my mind/mindset that it needs to get ON POINT with THE PROGRAM because we’re pressing on . . . moving forward . . . GETTING WORK DONE in spite of the tangible and intangible obstacles getting in the way.

As I’m typing this post, I’m reminded of the numerous times I recently talked about the importance of the mindset for a person’s physical healing. WOW! In one of those healing discussions I had, I was recalling the experience of a family member and using that account to help encourage another family member while he was going through his own physically-challenging journey.

Little did I know that I was actually talking to myself at the same time. And from time to time, those mindsets of ours need to go through their own healing processes as well. I guess that’s why I regularly perform the mental exercise of reminding myself of my WHY. I won’t say it’s a daily thing, because I don’t need it every day. But, it’s definitely a weekly thing — a thing I go to when I need to remember the significance of pressing forward with my purpose-driven mission.

The WHY has to get out there, you know?

And my friend, there’s no one else who can do YOUR WHY like you can.

So, if you need a little creative entrepreneurial mindset shifting in the right direction, convincingly remind yourself of your creative purpose and what your purpose is meant to do in this world and why you love it so much and that breakthroughs come to those who keep it moving. And when you do that, your creative entrepreneurial mindset can’t help but tell you:



5 thoughts on “The Creative Entrepreneurial Mindset

  1. Jana, Your picture and its heading reminds me of a certain occasion that occurred in my life a some time ago. I used to go on long drives when I lived in San Mateo, California in the early 1960’s. I know, a long time ago! Back to the story. One day I decided to drive from the San Francisco Bay area up and over the Sierra Nevada mountains via the Sonora Pass into Nevada. This pass is nearly 10,000 ft high and at the top I came across a squad of US Marines marching along the very narrow single lane road. They were doing a very “Quick March” up the hill singing as they went, and I waved as I went by. Your words “Forward March” reminded me of that occasion. By the way, I carried on to Reno and then drove home. Ali up nearly 800 miles and about 13 hours of driving. Those were the days!!!
    What were you saying? I know, It was something to do with maintaining a positive mindset. Excellent.
    Now you have wasted some of my time, I will have to get back to writing my novel !!!!!!! Only joking.
    Regards, Phil

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  2. Phil – you are too funny. Hey, I love it when my words can evoke some memorable times in my wonderful readers’ lives. And, the 60s were like yesterday. Hee. Hee. Anyway, I live for your personal stories and they’re so on point with my messages. How do you do that? Well, you’ve probably generated a rich collection of awesome events over the course of your life. And just so you know, please do share them with me. ANYTIME. I love hearing them. I learn something every time. And the whole “Forward March” thing is totally reminiscent of troops and how they have to strap up the boots and keep it moving, even when the odds are overwhelmingly against them or when they simply “just don’t feel like it.” They keep pressing on regardless, because they have a goal in mind that must be attended to. And, their all-in presence is required. The mindset is SO crucial during those times and really at all times, if I’m quite honest about the whole thing. Anyway, thanks for giving me some food for thought. Oh yes, I’d better end now so I don’t waste anymore of your time. Hee. Hee. Take care Phil and hope to hear from you again REAL SOON. Enjoy your day.

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  3. Hey there Erica – first of all, thank you, ma’am. I’m glad you enjoyed this post. Yes, the trajectory of our creative paths (or any paths for that matter) are greatly influenced by our mindsets. So, our mental health and well-being (moving in the right direction) is a topic so closely linked to the success of our journeys. And, there’s so much to unpack here, and I’m sure I can’t begin to do this topic the justice it deserves. But, I’ll STILL TRY to from time to time. Boy, the mind is a complex thingy-ma-jig.

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