Creative Entrepreneurship for Incentivizing the Young Reader and Writer

So, did you catch what I did in the blog post title up there? Yes? Maybe not? Well, I’m going to make sure we’re all on the same page here with my little word play in the title in case you need a clue from me on what’s coming up in the discussion. In short, I actually was going for the whole “mash up” effect.

And here’s what I mean . . .

If you’ve been checking out the content at Degrees of Maternity for any length of time, you probably noticed that I took two of my blog series (“Creative Entrepreneurship Basics” and “Incentivizing the Reader and Writer” and mashed them together into one cooperative title for this discussion.

Not only are the series titles mashed together, but the context of the content from these two series are joining hands for the remaining paragraphs to this post. And no, I didn’t just have a need to try something creatively out-of-the-box today. No, not at all.

Let me explain.

I recently added a new blogging day to my blogging calendar — Sunday. And on Sundays, I committed to publishing blog posts related to incentivizing children (as well as adults) to read and write. Sounds all well and good, right? Right. It sounds like a doable assignment; but in reality, I’ve struggled to get the “Incentivizing the Reader and Writer” posts out each Sunday since I started the series.

And so, I finally got a clue and decided to stop the madness. Sundays are just too jam-packed. I have a lot going on on Sundays, and an extra to-do just wasn’t going to fit in my already congested schedule. It was time to move the blog series over a day. So, Monday became the new Sunday. But, guess what happened on Monday?

Well, I missed that deadline too. I’ve already missed my new new additional blogging day for two consecutive days now. Oh, and I missed my regular day for blogging (Tuesday) on creative entrepreneurship basics. Yikes! But I had a really good excuse for not getting my blog posts out as intended. The excuse had everything to do with creative entrepreneurship for incentivizing the young reader and writer. Go figure.

I spent all of Monday working feverishly over the new basketball-themed product line that I just put up on my Teachers Pay Teachers store on Tuesday and will be getting up on my Etsy store later this morning. Content creation works like that sometimes.

Yes, I wanted to complete the products to this product line before the month’s end, and the end was quickly approaching. I’d even gone so far as to announce to my email-subscribing family that I would be getting something out mid-March and to be looking for the announcement to be coming out very soon.

Well, mid-March has come and gone and no product line. So, I simply HAD to make it my mission to hunker down and devote Monday to making a big dent in my product creations efforts. And I did just that. I missed all of my other content creation duties to work on creating six basketball-themed products.

B-A-S-K-E-T-B-A-L-L because we’re in big-time basketball playing action right now with all the festivities surrounding college games and tournaments that are being conducted this month. And hey, I thought it would be kinda cool to create some products that were theme-related to what’s currently relevant and prevalent to society-at-large, while still maintaining a product focus on my target audience of the young learner in reading and writing skills development. What can I say? That’s the creative entrepreneur in me.

I mean . . . basketball IS an entertaining pastime for many people of all ages and backgrounds — regardless of the side of it they’re on as participant or spectator. It doesn’t even matter. It’s an interactive sport on both sides. And when you’re into it, you’re into it. By the way, don’t children like to be entertained and locked in to activities that are appealing to their fun-seeking sensory nerves? Well yes, they most certainly do. After all, they’re children. And basketball can be that entertaining pastime that captures their attention in March, and quite frankly, throughout the entire year.

Indeed, children are an active little bunch and they’re receptive to activities that get their interactive juices flowing in engaging ways. Basketball can be engaging and is definitely interactive (again on both the player and spectator side).

Can you hear my creative entrepreneurial mind gears grinding a bit?

So, here’s where my mind took me. Why not mash (or mesh) together the best of both worlds (the educational world of reading and writing skills development with the entertainment world of basketball hoops action) and see what I come up with in new product creation?


My handful of new basketball interactive activities (for the young learner) came to be. Word searches, mazes, “label the basketball court” diagram, “create your own basketball jersey” writing and art assignment, and unscrambling and matching word pairs activities are all included in the fun-loving items that were uploaded to my Teachers Pay Teachers store (and are soon to make an appearance on the Etsy store as well).

Wrapped up in a pack of basketball printables are activities that hone in on:

  • word recognition/association
  • word comprehension
  • vocabulary
  • spelling
  • writing
  • art

And with all of the above being said, the main points I want you to take from everything you just read are as follows:

  • the “Incentivizing the Reader and Writer” series will, hopefully, make its regular appearance on Mondays from here on out.
  • Basketball season is in full-blown action mode right now.
  • Children like to be active and entertained. So, give the young people what they want.
  • Degrees of Maternity is here to creatively cater to the young reader and writer in an interactively fun and entertaining way.
  • Basketball-themed activities will be out on the Degrees of Maternity stores. Children will appreciate them, but you (as the adult) may even want to check them out for your own selfish purposes. Hee. Hee. (Hey, there’s no shame in the basketball game.)

Lastly, if you do take a looksee at the new product line which you can do by clicking on the image at the end of this post or on the highlighted link above, let me know what you think. Did you like the offerings? Do you think children will enjoy these types of products? Should I make more like them with various themes and activity choices? What types of activities would you and/or your child like to see for the young learner at the Degrees of Maternity stores?

An inquiring mind wants to know.

Basketball Court Thumbnail

2 thoughts on “Creative Entrepreneurship for Incentivizing the Young Reader and Writer

  1. Jana, I don’t want to say “I told you so!” so I won’t. I know you are full of good intentions, but you are just taking on too much to be able to reliably produce same. Priorities! Priorities! Priorities! When you have worked your way through that, cut out all those events, actions and plans that are not at the top half of your list. When you have done that 50% (if) then you can continue down the priority list. As you would know, it is far better to do a few things well than to do many things poorly.
    In the meantime, keep on keeping on! Don’t let me stop you.
    Regards, Phil

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Phil – I truly mean this when I say, “You can totally say you told me so.” Seriously. Hee. Hee. It’s a good reminder to keep things real. No, I always have the best of intentions in getting things done, but plans don’t always lay out in reality like I picture them in my head, unfortunately. But, even though I’ve been struggling to get my new blogging series going, it’s going nonetheless. I just need to rearrange the schedule a little to fit it in in a purposeful and sustainable way. Sometimes, the start of bringing in new to-dos is rocky at first, until you get the right flow. Some experimentation is in order at times. And, this is one of those times for me. I’m determined to make this new blogging series a priority though, so I’ll figure it out . . . eventually. I definitely am looking at cutting out some non-essentials to make room to handle more. It’s necessary to do so to keep everything in a realistically doable manner. And, I so appreciate you, Phil. Your words of wisdom are so timely and “right on” accurate. Keeping me grounded and focused is what I need my accountability partners to do, so thanks for taking your role seriously. You have blessed me with your words. Have a great rest of your week, Phil.


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