Blogging Truths Be Told: Know When to Adapt

Today’s blog post is somewhat of a challenging one to write. Not because I can’t think of plenty to say — but because I really need to walk circumspectly alongside this topic of adaptability. It’s definitely one of my character traits that falls on the “needs improvement” (a lot of improvement) side rather than lands me on the leader board. And really, all you need to do is take a look at my last two “Blogging Truths Be Told” posts to see just how HARD it is for me to adapt to change, at times. You can scan the revealing accounts of my adaptability level in those articles here and here

So, you can see why I might want to be slightly careful in how this particular call-to-action comes across. I’m really trying not to sound hypocritical here. I’m really not. And, just because I’m lacking strength in a certain area of my personal makeup doesn’t mean that I can’t recognize the need to aspire to a better way of being. One thing I can truly say about me is that I don’t disappoint when it comes to living up to the Degrees of Maternity tagline: “where life education never ceases“. That’s for sure. 

I continue to learn life in the surprise visits it constantly brings my way — ways to be and not to be, for example. And, I can’t help but to think that adaptability keeps knocking at my hardheaded door for my betterment (in most cases). The question is . . . will I open the door or not?

But more importantly, the real question is . . . will YOU open the door or not?

In anything in life (blogging’s no exception), you must be willing to make the necessary changes to successfully arrive at the end goals you’ve set for yourself. Those changes might come in the form of:

  1. the mindsets you’ve adopted
  2. the processes you engage in
  3. the personal character traits you carry
  4. the personal character traits you don’t carry
  5. the company you keep 
  6. the example that you set
  7. the external influences you expose yourself to
  8. the habits you develop
  9. the moves you make
  10. the ways of being you aspire to . . .

The list could easily continue to increase in length or shorten, depending on your ceiling (or maximum tolerance point) of change. And that’s the complexity of a topic, such as “adaptability”. Everyone’s level is sooooooooooooooo unique to him- or herself. We, as human beings, fall on every possible point of the adaptability spectrum.

So, it’s quite difficult for me to suggest a one-size-fits-all solution for humanity in relation to change management. Especially when I’m one of those individuals who’s regularly landing more closely on the aversion side of the adaptability spectrum than the acceptance of it.

But, I’m getting more mendable and moldable each day. 

Here’s what I’m learning on my personal life journey — when change is warranted, jump on its bandwagon. Just make sure its warranted and warranted for YOU. And if you don’t come away with anything else from this post, please, please, please remember the following:

Simply be WILLING to adapt to change and ebb and flow with change when you need to. That’s all, folks. Be willing to change. And all the logistics (like the timing to move with change which I’ll talk about briefly below) can be figured out later. Change will make room for you. I promise you it will, if you keep a mindset of adaptability.

Now, I’m strictly talking about adaptability to change in leading to positive life changes that help you to arrive at the personal and professional goals you’ve set for yourself.

I’m not talking about change for the sake of following the crowd, supporting the latest frivolous fad or trend, engaging in disturbing and destructive behaviors, trying to be someone you’re not, taking on a selfish instead of a selfless attitude when it comes to the wellbeing of mankind, and yada — yada — yada.

I’m simply talking about making changes that move you in the direction of positive progress measures in life — in how you deal with yourself, your relationships, your profession, and the world in which you live. (For me, I’m also going to add “God” to the list. He’s number one for me, actually.) I’m a huge proponent of getting my mindset focused on the right things in life, based on biblical principles. And that’s just how I’m personally wired. However, I understand that not everyone comes from that perspective in life. But, I thought I’d share this with you anyway since my spiritual life is a big driving force in the level of adaptability I’m willing to take on.) And for you, you might have other driving forces that direct your levels. And, you’ll gauge your adaptability within the parameters that work for you.   

So, let me just say that experiences with blogging (or writing, in general) can be one of those areas of experimentation where you can test where your level of adaptability truly falls on the change management spectrum. Again, making changes for the sake of change (with no rhyme or reason for it) is not the productive way to progress toward your end goals. Knowing the where, when, why, and how to adapt to change and then making active moves when those criteria are right is what moves you more efficiently toward your goal post.

And with that, I’m going to sign off with today’s start of the adaptability discussion. I’ll be back with it, though. When I return the next “Blogging Truths Be Told”, I think I’ll take some time to elaborate more on the “where”, “when”, “why”, and “how”, regarding blogging aspects of adaptability. And, I might even follow up, after that, with some of the areas of change (welcomed and unwelcomed) that I’ve personally experienced or heard of others experiencing with their blogging journeys.

Sound like a plan?


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