Blogging Truths Be Told: When Will You Jump on the Bandwagon? (Part 2)

I would NEVER EVER encourage anyone to do something that they haven’t parsed out enough to see if it’s a viable option for him or her, before doing that something. I’m actually not that type of individual myself; so I’m, most certainly, not going to give you advice that I’m not fully invested in.

Spontaneous . . . impulsive . . . not so much, especially in matters of business and entrepreneurship. That involves money and I’m not in the practice of wasting it. Also, my current mindset tells me that I’m too new in the solopreneur game to be taking high-risk stakes. So, I tend to wait and wait and wait before making any sudden moves on just about EVERYTHING in my creative content journey.

Here are a list of the things that have come to mind to act on, but I decided to procrastinate on instead:

  1. starting this blog
  2. writing books
  3. getting involved in social media
  4. learning about SEO
  5. creating products
  6. starting an email list
  7. starting a newsletter
  8. creating a YouTube channel
  9. doing audio work
  10. updating my blog site (I haven’t jumped on the bandwagon with this one just yet, but I’m working on it.)

Now, I could go on, but I don’t want to look like I just about hesitated in everything I did before doing it. Well actually, I DID hesitate in just about everything I did before doing it — regarding all things Degrees of Maternity, that is.

And, I do regret not having gotten to some of the above items a little sooner than I did. I often think of how much further along I would be if I had. But then again, maybe not. 

I’m a firm believer that timing is one of the critical factors leading to a person’s success. I’ve known of individuals who were so eager to jump on certain bandwagons before the time was right and they ended up crashing. I’ve also known individuals who jumped on bandwagons before the time was right, ended up crashing, but came back from the dead. They took their learning opportunities from the unfortunate situations they went through and used that life-altering fuel to catapult them right into the success story waiting right around the corner.


So, I’m not going to sit up here and tell you to move on something as soon as it comes to mind. I mean . . . I don’t even do that. Take a moment or two or as long as you need to deliberate on it and make sure that the move is the right fit for your future YOU. Well, do the best you can with the whole planning for the future thing. Not many of us, human beings, can usually get the future trajectory planned out to a perfect “T”. So, don’t try to be perfect — just use your best judgment based on the most information you can scrounge up to make the best decision possible. And, if you do that, you do well.

Or, wing it if that works for you. If you’re more of a “fly by the seat of your pants” individual and that works for you in determining what bandwagon(s) you jump on next, then GO FOR IT! I’m not going to stop you; and apparently, no one else will either. But just be prepared to pivot (not crash and burn) if things don’t turn out the way you anticipated.

As a matter of fact, EVERYONE be prepared to pivot when it comes to jumping on bandwagons (whether you’re a careful deliberator, a full-blown procrastinator, or an adventurous risk-taker). Be prepared to make the necessary changes to keep your trajectory on as straight of a path as you can go toward your success destinations. 

And as I look back over the aforementioned list of things I waited on before pursuing wholeheartedly, I can’t truly say that I would have been in a better position if I had jumped on them all sooner than I did (or will). I tend to think I would, but I don’t truly know that. Common sense tells me that, with all things being equal, I should be further ahead in my learning curve for the list above than I am now. You would think anyway. But, maybe not. 

Maybe life circumstances weren’t conducive to me bandwagoning when each new shiny object came to mind. Maybe there were some prerequisite situations I needed to go through, some maturing that needed to take place, or some scenarios that needed to play out first. Maybe the timing (before it was time) would have led to me walking on a very thin tightrope that would have led to a quick downfall. 

Who knows?

And since I can’t carry on two identities simultaneously so I can see which life would get me to my successes faster, I’ll have to take comfort in believing that what’s for me is for me — no matter the timing. It’s possible that I could have gotten to “what’s for me” a lot sooner than I actually did (or will) in real time. But the most important thing to get out of this whole discussion is to JUST GET THERE. And in order to get there, JUST START one day. Start making some moves of the “slow on the roll” or “lightning speed” variety. It doesn’t really matter. JUST START and you can speed things up or temper things down as you go along. 

Lets Go 2

2 thoughts on “Blogging Truths Be Told: When Will You Jump on the Bandwagon? (Part 2)

  1. An excellent post that I hope some of your readers will take not of. Unfortunately, most of us are inclined to procrastinate, but we should indeed think though what we are doing before taking that plunge. Diving into a river without knowing what is under the water is fraught with danger. As many tea shirts are saying these days “Just do It!”. I believe one should get out and do things, but one should always consider the down sides before making any major decisions. Thanks for making us all think.
    Regards, Phil at

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  2. Phil – it’s always such a pleasure hearing from you. And, I appreciate your very heartfelt insight each time you share your thoughts with me. It’s so refreshing to get feedback, letting me know I’m not out here alone with my thoughts and experiences and that there are others who can relate to what I’ve witnessed or experienced in this rollercoaster of a blogging journey. I hope you have a blessed weekend and week to come. As always, thank you so much for stopping by.


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