Untitled Book #2 – Part 12 (in Audio)

Untitled Book 2 - Part Twelve

Well, I’m back with part #12 of Untitled Book #2, and it’s all about identifying our areas that need a little tweaking (or a whole lot of tweaking, perhaps). And, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, because we all have them.

As I did in the last audio clip, I would like to challenge you to think of some “areas of improvement” you intend to work on throughout the remainder of this year.

Identifying those areas is just half of the assignment for part #12. The other half involves going ahead and listing out those steps (or processes) that you’re going to take to get better in these areas.

Remember: we’re looking for making incremental life improvements for the better, taking things one step and one day at a time. Little by little, we’ll get to where we need to go with some dedicated effort and consistency.

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