Untitled Book #2 – Part 11 (in Audio)

Untitled Book 2 - Part Eleven

Well, I’m back with the next audio clip of Untitled Book #2, and we’re quickly nearing the end of this series in about three more episodes. (I hope you’ve been enjoying them.)

I would have to say that today’s installment is dedicated to making improvements in our lives that lead to our betterment. I stress the importance of choosing your words deliberately in order to create a sense of positivity, especially in encouraging one to rise to the challenges that life may present.

After listening to this audio clip, I challenge you to think of some “areas of improvement” you intend to work on throughout the remainder of this year. 

Who knows? By consistently tackling these areas with daily and/or weekly dedicated effort, (by the close out of 2021) you may end up moving these areas out of the “improvement” and into your “strengths” category of your personal makeup.

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