The Blogging Community in Harmony + My Author Reading

(Originally published on 7/19/21 for the Blogging for Beginners community.)

I continue to be thoroughly impressed at how the blogging community comes together to share, encourage, instruct, and empower one another. It’s a synergy like no other. And I’ve definitely been on the receiving end of the generosity that the blogging community has shown.

Blogging can be such an intimidating undertaking when first starting out and it may take some time to figure out your place in the blogosphere. But one thing rang true for me almost three years ago when I started the Degrees of Maternity blog and that same thing rings true now — the blogging community has been the accountability partner (among them all) that has helped keep me going in the days when I felt less than blogworthy.

My BIG WHY for blogging also helps keep me going during those tough content creative days. Finding my purpose-driven mission in my blogging and writing and the excitement over that knowledge wakes me up early in the morning and keeps me up late at night. I absolutely love this blogging/writing journey I’m on.

I’ve also been extremely blessed to meet some great people along the way who have supported my efforts from my infantile beginnings and who, to this day, are some of my biggest champions, seeking ways to help propel my efforts forward in my blogging/writing career.

One of those individuals is Kat from The Lily Café. Kat is awesome! Not only is she a wonderful writer herself, but she supports the blogging/writing community through and through. But don’t just take my word for it. You should check out her blog (link highlighted above) and see exactly what I mean.

Case in point: she just added me to her list of author readings that she debuts on her blog site. Today, the post went out, presenting my author reading of my self-published book, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult. And, I humbly thank her for this gracious opportunity she provided me with. Check out Kat’s blog post below (with my presentation included):

Author Reading: Jana Williams, author of Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult

See how the blogging community is so supportive? Working in blogging harmony together can bring out the best personal and professional relationships you’ll ever find around these online parts.

So, let’s make sure and support one another on our individual blogging journeys. I have the feeling that a lot of great things are happening out there in the blogosphere — from you, perhaps. And since you’re probably one of those inspirational individuals who’s involved in those great things, make sure you share your journeys and goal-achievements with all of us, so we can add ourselves to your cheering section.

2 thoughts on “The Blogging Community in Harmony + My Author Reading

  1. So glad to have you on my blog, and a huge thanks for doing it!

    The blogging community truly is wonderful. I wouldn’t be where I am myself if it weren’t for all the wonderful people I’ve met and all the encouragement. Thank you for being one of those people to me, and I look forward to watching your continued success!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Awwww. Thank you so much, Kat. I appreciate your support so very much. Please keep up the fine work you do. I’ll be following your awesome successes along your content creative endeavors as well.

    Liked by 1 person

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