The Book Writing Plan Has Surfaced

In last Tuesday’s post, DOM Build-a-Book Project: A Book Begins with a Plan, I told you that I’d come back as the ma’am with the plan. And yes, that’s me alright. I’m here, before you, with my high-level, tentative plan for the current DOM Build-a-Book project for the incentives book.

As you talk to different authors, you might be presented with a different set of variables to address in your plan for your book. And, that’s quite alright. Take theirs into consideration, take mine into consideration, and definitely take yours into consideration and formulate your own personalized plan for writing your book. Cater your planning framework to your needs so that you can become the man or the ma’am with your own specialized plan that works best for your purposes and takes you to your goal destination.

Now, I wanted to share this tentative plan with you, so you’d know that I actually do have a working framework set up and that the organization of the book writing will start to take shape within this framework. (But, I’m still holding fast to the rule that the framework may need to be revamped from time to time to make sure the book is built properly, even if that lengthens the time it takes to deliver the finalized product in its entirety.)

So, let’s get into it.

My Book Writing Plan

Here are the top 10 items that will create my book building framework (plan):

Length of Book

How long will the book be? I’m aiming for a shorter read that probably won’t extend 100 pages. Peoples’ time is very precious to them; and I tend to think that readers are likely to read books that are more easily consumable. In other words, I don’t want the incentives book to be perceived as an insurmountable task to tackle. If I can get the message across with fewer and more succinct wording, I think that’s the preferable way to pursue any book writing project. However, I’ll also state that I’m not going to sacrifice the integrity of a book to make a certain word count or page number. I’m good with creating a book to be as long as it needs to be in order to get the message across. 

Intended Audience for Book

Who is the book written for? Who is the audience I’m trying to attract with the book? Well, while I’d like to say it will be written for everyone, I have to be realistic in its intended reach. The book will be beneficial to anyone who deals with children on a regular basis (parents, mentors, teachers, guardians, other family members close to the child). Honestly, this book is for any adult who desires to assist children in developing positive and proactive mindsets and practices that will help them accomplish tasks and goals, propelling them forward in life.

Timeframe for Book’s Completion

How long will it take to get the book into the hands of readers? Now, I don’t want to rush a book project, but I also don’t want to draw it out either. Once I’m on to a topic that I’m passionate about, I want to keep the writing embers burning. And I’m quite aware of the fact that dragging my feet is definitely not an efficient way to get closer to my goal of book completion. So, with all of that being said, my ideal deadline date for the completion of this book is by the end of June. Why June? Well, we’re talking about a book, regarding incentivizing children to GET WORK DONE. And honestly, a book with this particular subject is timely for any season of the year. But, I firmly believe that the summer break would be an opportune time to present a book to parents, mentors, and adults who work with children.

I envision this book project putting out a product that will assist adults in helping their children for the upcoming school year, when children may face a lot of responsibilities that may be challenges for them. Introducing the book in the summer will give the adults time to read it and, hopefully, start implementing the strategies laid out in the book before school starts for a lot of the children in U.S. school systems. Summer break affords children a period of time to be less distracted because the rigors of the school year won’t be present. Parents should also have less activity going on because their children’s schedules are eased up a bit; and maybe that summer schedule will allow for more reading time — time to get a book in about incentivizing children.

Format(s) of Book Presentation

Will the book come in print version, ebook version, and/or audio version? I plan on making the book available in print (paperback) and ebook versions. With the audio book version, there’s a whole learning curve I’d like to jump on one day. But, I haven’t had a chance to crack that audio code yet, so initially I’ll stick with the print and ebook versions of the book with the potential to create an audio book in the future. 

Distribution Channel(s) for Book

Where will readers be able to obtain a copy of the book? This self-publishing go-around I’d like to publish wide, which means I won’t have my book exclusive to any one book distributor. I’m familiar with Amazon, which I will definitely self-publish through again. But, I’d also like to look into publishing this new book project through IngramSpark as well. We’ll see. I’ve heard some negative things that could cause me to steer clear from them, but those things are just hearsay and not something I’ve actually experienced first-hand. So, I think I’m willing to research IngramSpark as a distribution option and see how it goes. I also will look at providing my book through my Etsy shop as well.

Accompanying Materials for Book

Will there be any supplemental materials that accompany the book? Well, this is something that I would like to pose to you as a question. What supplemental material(s) would you like to see included in a book about incentivizing children to get work done? Would you like there to be a video, small course, worksheets, or a workbook component? (Feel free to comment on the question so I can see what you’d consider to be worthwhile additional content.) I’m feeling strongly about a workbook component, but there’s room for other pieces of content. I believe that the book will outline a process for adults to take in aiding their children to successfully complete tasks and goals. And a workbook would be a beneficial accompanying tool, where ideas, plans, and action steps can be documented as references to be utilized throughout the course of the process.

Professional Help Needed for Book

What types of self-publishing professional help will be needed to get the book to completion? I know it’s necessary to seek professional help months in advance of the publishing of a book because you have to work with individuals’ schedules and availability. And, I ran into issues with others’ availability with my first book, where my timing in planning was totally off. But ideally, I’d like to take on more pieces of the self-publishing pie this go-around. If I felt that I could do justice with the proofreading and editing and book formatting, I’d do them in a heartbeat. And, I’m actually working on developing the skills necessary to fulfill those roles; however, I do think it’s good to have someone else’s sets of eyes viewing your written work as well. So, we’ll see. One thing I do know for sure is that my daughter will be designing the book cover on this book like she did on my first book. She’ll be my in-house graphic designer (on retainer) for the foreseeable future. Hee. Hee.

Market Research Needed for Book’s Content

What source material will be used to formulate the content of the book? My market research efforts are going to encompass a wide range of options. For instance, I intend to use questionnaires, polls, surveys, interviews, online research, offline research found in print publications, personal experience, and personal observations. I’m also open to using any other additional source material that can shed some light on making the implementation of rewards systems (to incentivize children) a doable, understandable, and beneficial step-by-step process for achieving goals.

Writing Schedule for Book

How will I fit book writing into the daily/weekly schedule? Well, I can’t start writing the book until I get the market research in order so I can compile, analyze, and then verbalize it in some sensible way that is just what my audience ordered. So, this particular item of consideration is up in the air at the moment. I image a schedule will materialize when the time comes. I do know that the writing will more than likely take place during the morning hours timeframe, because that’s when I’m tending to function on all cylinders. And I need to be fully-functioning for my book writing sessions, because they take some concentrated effort. I’m already guessing that some of my content writing for my other platforms will have to be pushed to the afternoons or evenings to make room for the book writing. So, time will dictate how the schedule will unfold when I actually get closer to the writing part of the book writing process. I’m currently in the research phase at the moment. 

Pricing Strategy for Book

What will be the price point for the book? Although pricing is also one of those pivotal pieces that should be part of the plan, I do believe this piece will also take some time to determine as well. In my mind, pricing can only be fully fleshed out when the product is well underway and a good portion of it completed. If I were to guesstimate right now, I would say that the book would be under $15.00. But the value of the book is not determined by its length; its value is more intrinsic in how it can solve a problem, answer a question, give direction, and provide some much-needed benefit to the individual who consumes it. So, I might be posing questions (much later into the book writing process), asking you what price points you’d be willing to pay for a book product with such and such offerings. Time will tell on this part of the plan as well. 

There you have it: my tentative plan in all its glory. It’ll be a continuous work-in-progress up until the final moment the book comes into fruition. I guarantee. But, I’m still of the mindset that being a “ma’am with a plan” (even a temporarily permanent one at that) is necessary to give some direction to my book writing efforts and to provide a framework that I can start working within.

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