Blogging Truths Be Told: When You’re Just Not Feeling It . . .

After falling asleep at my computer last night, while working on the original “Blogging Truths Be Told” post for today and then waking up in the wee hours of the morning to use the bathroom, here’s what came to me. Instead of continuing to rework the post I had before me, I decided to scrap it altogether. I decided to pick up my handy dandy phone, audio record myself sharing a few thoughts about blogging to my blogging audience, and then transcribe those words that morning to my blog site. And what do you know? After recording my thoughts, I went to sleep, woke up three hours later, and transcribed those words from my phone to this blog. What you’re currently reading is the outcome from that very unexpected chain of events.

But let me back up and tell you how I even got to the unexpected chain of events I just described to you.

Well, it all started out with these thoughts, emanating from my mind and heart at around 2am this morning, and they played out to formulate the following words in this post. 

So, I thought it would be characteristically fitting to be absolutely truthful with you today, since it’s “Blogging Truths Be Told” Friday. Actually, I intend to be truthful with you every time I publish a blog post, so honesty in my writing should go without saying. And, what I desire to do with today’s blog post is to tell the truth and nothing but.

Real talk is comin’ at you today, ladies and gentlemen.

I had every intention of putting out my post for “Blogging Truths Be Told: Chasing the New Shiny Object” — every intention. I even went so far as to write over a 1,000 word post on the subject. But when I went back over my rough draft, housed all warm and snuggly in WordPress (and it’s still resting there until I pick it back up), I thought to myself, “This isn’t what a blogging truths post should look like.”

I wasn’t happy with what I was reading.

The fact of the matter is blogging is not about just slapping some words up on your website and expecting people to eat the mess that you’re throwing up there all willy-nilly. And blogging is definitely not about disseminating information to others without making it meaningful. With that being said, the original “Blogging Truths Be Told: Chasing the New Shiny Object” post is definitely not the kind of meaningful content that I was hoping to put out before you this day.

My goal is not to publish “lack of substance” content just to be putting something out there in the blogosphere on my regularly-scheduled day of blogging programming, so I can say that I performed my writing duty for the day. No, I’m not about to be that person — not that blogger.

I need my “Blogging Truths Be Told” posts to be meatier than the surface stuff that can so easily fall purposelessly on an online page. I need my stuff to be felt by the reader. And I’m not saying that the post, currently sitting in draft-mode in my WordPress, doesn’t have any value in it; but I am saying that I’m simply not comfortable revealing it to you fine people this Friday. No, it needs a little help first.

You know that feeling of when you’re just not feeling something to your inner core? It’s not speaking to you deeply enough? Well, that’s how I was feeling with “Chasing the New Shiny Object”. I wasn’t feelin’ it. Now, I quite possibly could feel it next week, or the week after, or the week after that. Who knows? But, I do know that what I’m blogging about today is what I’m feeling today, so I’m going with it.

Let’s go this direction . . .

There will be days that you’re not bringing it like you normally do (in your blogging or whatever else you’re aspiring to do). You’re not all there or all “in it” on that particular day. Your content’s just not up to the caliber that you’re used to delivering to the people.

Mama said there’ll be days like this — there’ll be days like this my mama said. (Did I get that part of the lyrics right?)

You have days where your content’s just not there, and there WILL be days like that. You write a piece of content and even put some substantial time into it, knowing you’ve got a blog post due the next day (or that day). And, you’ve got to keep your recurring scheduling going without fail. Right? So, you’ve got to make that lackluster written artistry of yours work so you can check it off your to-do list for the day. After all, it’s due and the pressure is on.

But wait a minute. No, you don’t have to succumb to the pressure of creating beneath your potential. You need to stick with putting out the quality type of work that you’re accustomed to delivering and that your readers are accustomed to receiving.

And I’m in no way saying that I’m, personally, on any high caliber of writing prowess by any means. I’m a blogging work-in-progress, trying to do one step better on the current day than I did the day before. I simply write to what I know, seek to be genuine in meaningfulness, and always desire to be relatable to others in my writing. That’s what I have to offer through my written words and that’s what I hope attracts people to Degrees of Maternity.

So, getting back to the subject at hand . . . again, sometimes you’re just not feelin’ it (in what you’re seeking to accomplish), but it’s still important to SHOW UP ANYWAY. And when you have those days when you’re not feelin’ it or on your “A” game (for whatever reason), it’s still important to show up and let your people know that you’re having one of those days but I’m here for you anyway. Let them know that you’re being straight-up human with all your flaws and imperfections. Those off days are a part of your human experience just like those “A” game moments.

People tend to appreciate the transparency you show in your flawed state, because it’s relatable. They’re flawed too. So, there you go. Give yourself a break once in a while, when the “it” factor just isn’t flowing. And remember, you’re only human. Don’t beat yourself up, because we ALL go through our downs along with the ups.

And today, I decided not to mentally beat myself up for not delivering my first attempt at a blog post, because I know you can get some value from what I’m delivering in this one. Every once in a while, I experience these pivots in my intended direction; and I, oftentimes, wonder if the focus is more so on me getting the message rather than me giving you the message.

For me, myself, and I, all I can say is God works in mysteriously wonderous ways. Anyway, I’m listening, God.

I’ll conclude by ending with the following sentiments. If you can be present, BE PRESENT. Still show up in all your hot messedness (just made up that word). People will get it and appreciate it. You sharing your flaws helps others know they’re not alone. And, don’t be afraid to share those flaws. (I’m not telling you to tell ALL your business, though.) But in all seriousness, you never know how your transparency might help lift up someone else who needs encouragement from someone, anyone. That encouragement, by sharing your imperfections, may come from you and be just what the doctor ordered as a pick-me-up for that individual’s day.

So, show up. Because in anything you do, CONSISTENCY is EVERYTHING. (I’m pretty sure I’ll be discussing this topic in a future “Blogging Truths Be Told” post.) And here’s how I would complete the rest of today’s blog post title: “. . . Show Up Anyway”. 

Show Up Anyway

3 thoughts on “Blogging Truths Be Told: When You’re Just Not Feeling It . . .

  1. Motivating post! You deserve to be proud of every post you create whether if it takes you less than a day or over a month to put together. “Hot messedness” – love it! 😂 There is beauty in flaws and imperfections. Thank you for sharing this, Jana ♡

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, thank you again, you sweet lady. I appreciate you saying this. And, I really like the “hot messedness” reference too. Seems like it really should be a word, but oh well. I imagine life would be boring if everything and everyone was perfect. Where’s the fun in that. And like you, I also think our flaws and imperfections can have a unique quality of beauty about them.

    Liked by 1 person

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