Blogging Truths Be Told: You Can’t Always Judge a Book By Its . . . – (Part 2)

Last week, I indicated that I would probably have to cave in and look into some of the “surface stuff” when it comes to a blog site’s exterior, because that’s what many people tend to gravitate toward when initially looking for a blog site to peruse. And I have to be sensitive to that fact.

I might mention that the whole “surface stuff” reference (above) will make a lot more sense to you if you stop reading this post and head on over to part one of this discussion right here; and then, you can return to this post once you’ve had a chance to read the first installment. That way, today’s discourse will read much better for you. I’m just sayin’.

So, let’s go right ahead and continue this second installment with my pain points, shall we? Because as I’ve stated time and time again, growing pains will come when you deal with new processes. They just WILL. They’re part of the thing called real life as we know it.  And I, personally, don’t know of anyone who went through some type of growth process without any growing pains involved.

Speaking of growth, I just have to pause here for a moment and bring out an excerpt (directly below this paragraph) from Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult. And no, this wasn’t a planned plug for my book. It’s just so profound how the book that I self-published back in September 2019 has come back to knock on my door and remind me to GET THINGS DONE and stop stalling on a process I know I need to take on (even though I’m dreading it a bit).

Here’s that little written reminder from myself to myself (and others, of course) that I totally needed:

While embracing life processes, there are going to be some tasks that we feel inept to perform or activities that take us far out of the safety zones we’ve created for ourselves. And, that’s okay. The comfortability factor needs to be challenged every once in a while. This phenomenon ultimately leads to growth and growth is a good thing, folks. You have to be willing to inconvenience yourself for the process, realizing that discomfort is a residual side effect of growth.

I go on to say:

‘Grow where you are planted’ immediately takes me to a place of acknowledging the positives in challenging situations that present themselves to you. There’s something empowering about the realization that there’s always a lesson to learn and opportunities to grow, even in the most difficult or uncomfortable of circumstances.”

Growth is, oftentimes, uncomfortable. Me, having to think about doing a revamping (or at the least, a noticeable touch-up) of the exterior pieces of my blog site, is uncomfortable. I mean you’re talking about a non-techie dealing in a technologically-advanced online world. Hence, the reasoning for wanting to stay with the .com side of WordPress for now. I need the technology to be as user-friendly as possible for a writer who really isn’t in to all the bells and whistles of the epidermis/dermis part of the blog anatomy, but is totally consumed with the guts and all the innards, a.k.a. the meaningfulness of the blog content.

But here’s what I’ve decided to do about this whole conundrum. I’ve decided that I’m going to take this summer to make some changes to the blog site. You might call it a facelift of sorts. I’m not anticipating anything major. Actually, any changes I make to the outer appearance of the site will probably be major (no matter how small), considering my site has pretty much carried the same appearance since its inception in August 2018. So, I suppose it’s time for a little updating to meet more of a reading audience’s expectations.

The reason I’m not making any surface changes right now is . . . there’s absolutely no earthly way I can do so. I’m not about to chase another shiny object in the long line of shiny objects that are out there for me to pursue. I’m only one person and I pretty much have my hands completely full with blogging twice a week, the new DOMinators News newsletter (say that five times) for my email subscribers, marketing strategy planning, absorbing information from continuous learning opportunities, and embarking upon my new DOM Build-a-Book Project with you fine people.

So, at the moment, I simply have no room to add any more shiny objects to chase after. (Chasing the New Shiny Object — sounds like a fitting topic for a future “Blogging Truths Be Told” post, doesn’t it?)

Anyway, I intend to concentrate on that weighty laundry list of items I need to devote myself to before pursuing anything new. But come June 2021 (or around that time frame), IT . . . IS . . . ON!

And here’s a brief but probable list of some of the blog site “housekeeping” and revamping items I will, more than likely, give some attention to:

  1. clean-up efforts to make sure my posts are catalogued in the appropriate categories (already started on this one and will work on continuously)
  2. the switching of my domain name to
  3. an upgrade to the next plan as a user to the “Business Plan”
  4. a change to the header and theme of my blog site
  5. If you thought there was a fifth item, what were you thinking? All of the above “surface stuff” items are waaaaayyy more than enough new shiny objects to chase this summer. MORE THAN ENOUGH!

Now, item #2 is going to be the doozey out of the bunch. Because once I get that ball rolling, it’s totally going to avalanche into a snow boulder of all the many places I need to update my website information. Guess I better start making a list of all those places to update now, so I’ll be ready to make those necessary revisions in four months or so. 

CONCLUSION: No, you can’t always judge a book by its cover . . . outward appearance . . .  first impression . . . etc., but most people do. And the sooner we realize this saying is just one of those truisms that’s played out repeatedly in the blogosphere, the sooner we can get on board and adjust with the demands of those we’re trying to attract with our online content.

Wheres the Stuff and the Fluff

4 thoughts on “Blogging Truths Be Told: You Can’t Always Judge a Book By Its . . . – (Part 2)

  1. Wonderful post, Jana! Part 2 was certainly worth the wait 😋 It’s always a great coincidence when your previous work ends up being referenced later on. Growth can definitely be uncomfortable at times because you will be entering unknown territory and can start having doubts. But in most cases, it will result in positive outcomes. You have shared great housekeeping aims 🤗 can’t wait to see them implemented – it’ll be amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks so much, Genevieve. I totally have my work cut out for me on these second half of the year goals of mine. I sure hope they pan out, because I know I need to make some necessary changes to my site and I definitely don’t want to keep putting them off. And you hit the nail on its head by stating that growth is definitely uncomfortable at times. The tasks I have ahead of me will most certainly take me out of my comfort zone. But, if I just go through the revamping process, I’m sure I will learn a lot and have some positive results to be thankful for.

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  3. I believe that all of your plans on this post will pan out and that your revamping will result in what you want 😄 It will be worth it in the end because, as you mention, you’ll be gaining more knowledge and skills to put in your back pocket. 😋 Personally, I think your site is already well-presented and easy-to-navigate, but am excited for your updates and to see you give the site more of your own style and personal touch. No doubt that it will look incredible 🤗💗

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, you are too kind, my dear. Ultimately, I pray that people will enjoy my blog site for my content’s sake versus the appearance of it. Yes, it does need a little “outer appearance” work, but I won’t do anything too drastic. I’m pretty no frills when it gets right down to it, but I’m willing to make some needful changes that make sense. We’ll see how it goes.

    Liked by 1 person

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