DOM Build-a-Book Project: Market Research for Incentives Books

If you haven’t had a chance to read up on the “Blogging Truths Be Told: Marketing is So Cringey” articles, you’ll want to do that here and here. Those two articles will give you some perspective on why I have some uncomfortability when it comes to marketing outreach. 

So, you might be wondering where I’m going with today’s blog post. I mean why follow up marketing being so cringey with marketing research. Well, the mind is a magnificently complex thingymabob, don’t ya think? All I can say is your feedback is worth stepping out of my comfort zone.

My history with marketing research is comprised of some polls I created back in the day, attempting to glean some much-needed perspective from the reading and writing communities on the other side of my computer screen, and many times, to no avail. But, I’m not in the frame of mind to give up; because again, you’re worth it. 

My thoughts are not the only ones out there and so I continue to seek knowledge from others. It makes the world a more interesting place in which to live. And here’s how I intend to approach the concept of making content that truly connects with people.

I’m going to continue to seek your feedback because I have a very worthwhile project that I’m embarking upon. And, I’m aiming to not only impact myself and those in my immediate circle, but I want this project to bring some assistance (need I say “solutions”) to a challenge that you may be facing in your vicinity. And that challenge has to do with motivating children to do the uncomfortable.

See what I did there? I’ve got an “incentives” parallel going on here. Maybe you didn’t see that one coming, but here’s some deep insight into why this topic of “incentives”, or motivators is so important to me. 

I’m going through my own learning curve in being motivated to step outside of my comfort zone (hence, plowing head-on into marketing) and try some new things in order to reach goals that are extremely important to my growth and success as a creative entrepreneur. And while I’m going through my own growing pains, my youngest child is going through his own “growth mindset” process where he’s diving deep into some of the skills that may not be the most enjoyable or comfortable for him. Nevertheless, these skills are so necessary in his childhood development and will continue to be essential throughout his adulthood.

So, I’m on the lookout for experience-based knowledge (or at least, highly-opinionated viewpoints) from actual human beings who know a thing or two about:

  • what challenges their children and what incentivizes their children,
  • what pain points materialize in getting their children to do activities that aren’t as enjoyable to them,
  • what works as incentives and what doesn’t in your households,
  • what drives you as adults to engage in activities that are outside of your comfort zone,
  • and how can you use your life experiences as an adult to affect your children in positive ways that will assist in healthy childhood development, resulting in life-enhancing skills sets.

(Yes, I tried to fake you out with the whole bullet points thing (above), but you literally just witnessed a one-sentence paragraph. I can’t help myself.)

Well, that’s just some of the wisdom I’m looking to absorb from you. And don’t think I’m trying to extract all your knowledge while I sit idly by and wait for the intel to file in. No, quite the contrary. There’s no way I could refrain from putting my two cents in when it comes to this very interesting topic of incentives and how they can motivate us to make some noteworthy progress in our lives. I’m all about the learning process here, so I’ve already started collecting some information through my own self-studying and of course through the documenting of my own challenges in the area of incentivizing the young learner.

That’s the topic on the table, folks.

How do we positively and productively incentivize the young learner these days?

And, I need your help in unlocking the mysteries behind this very topic that can so easily elude us, especially as parents who are helping our children with their schooling at school or schooling from home or with growing up in these unprecedented times, in general.

Let’s help each other out, okay? My goal with this “DOM Build-a-Book Project” is to create a book that will incorporate real-life applications that will benefit all of us in helping our children to grow. They have so much adversity facing them today, so we need to think of ways we can help our up-and-coming adult generation to be successfully positioned to do great things in their lives and in the lives of others. 

I can never underestimate the power of the human connection. In all that we do, we should think about how we can positively influence people and situations to make life improvements for the better. We wouldn’t want to keep all the good stuff for ourselves and never venture out to lend a helping hand to everyone else around us, would we? (Please don’t answer that question, if your answer is “Yes”. I’m going for a certain sentiment here.)

Anyway, enough of my petition to you for your help. You’re such a wonderful community, so I have high expectations that you’re up for this worthwhile challenge. This challenge will lead toward creating a book that helps us ALL who have children (or know of children) that we’d like to encourage to develop those skills and abilities that will propel them forward in life.

So, here’s what I propose. Since I’ll be requesting that you share some of your time and know-how with me, then I’ll be freely offering some digital goodies (from my Etsy store) that you can use with those wonderful children in your lives. Now, I’m not going to give away the store, but there will be some items that you might find handy to use with young learners for the development of their reading and writing skills.

I think I’ll even start up my questions for you in next Tuesday’s post. Instead of doing a poll, I’ll pose the questions in the post (probably 5 to 10 of them), and then I’d like for you to go to my contact page and reply to me with your responses. Now, I’ll need for you to answer all the questions honestly and completely to receive the freebie. And I reserve the right to email you back if I need a bit more info from you on an answer to the question or need clarification on your response. (Sorry . . . I guess the freebie isn’t exactly free; but hey, this project is something that you’ll truly get a lot out of, if you help participate in it.) 

What do you think about this process for building a book that we all can share in and benefit from? I’d love to know. After all, this book may have started out as a way to get solutions to my challenges, but it’s definitely not ending as book for me, myself, and I — not if YOU have anything to say about it.

Seven days until the “DOM Build-a-Book Project” commences. Let the countdown begin . . . 



4 thoughts on “DOM Build-a-Book Project: Market Research for Incentives Books

  1. Oh, I’m all in! I love the idea of pooling information from as many caregivers as possible because kids are so unique. What works on one kid won’t work on another and sometimes tweaks are necessary, but having a ton of ideas of where to start and how to go about it is infinitely more useful than trying to go it alone.

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  2. Absolutely! That’s why I love getting feedback from others, because my way is obviously not going to be one-size-fits-all. So, I love the idea of gleaning info from as many people who will participate as possible. I’m definitely going to provide plenty of opportunities for folks to chime in. The more, the merrier. And by working together, maybe we can come up with something really good that will benefit us all. Furthermore, it does my heart good knowing that I have someone who is up to participating in this project. You made my day, Kat.

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  3. Even without any incentives, I’m ready and willing to help as much as I can! If I’m hoping to glean useful information from others, I don’t see why I shouldn’t also offer what help I can.

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