The Business-Minded Approach Toward GETTING THINGS DONE

We are fully into basketball season; and I tell you what — this time of the year is giving me sensory overload on all the sports stuff. Football is still going on (which I can take it or leave it), but watching basketball is my jam. Now, I will admit that I don’t routinely start checking in until March Madness for the NCAA and during the Playoffs for the NBA. But this year is different. With the pandemic throwing everything off, I’m finding myself tuning into basketball a little earlier than the historical norm. And, I’ve even become more aware and knowledgeable about football this year. That’s a first.

So needless to say, I could easily get wrapped up in all things sports if I really let myself go there. How so, you might ask? Well, if the three NBA teams I enjoy  following don’t catch my attention, then there’s my hometown college men’s basketball team that I could catch up with. And if I’m not watching the actual games live on regular tv programming or through streaming, then I can record them and do a playback later, watch them in the streaming archives, or check in with YouTube highlights at my leisure when the live stuff is offline. Oh, and then there’s the football playoffs that I’m very interested in all of a sudden. Weird. Somehow, I think the men in my household have brainwashed me into becoming somewhat of a football bandwagoner (but not my youngest, Little Man — he could care less).

When I think about the time-suck that can happen with sports this time of the year, I seriously could be watching basketball games every day of the week and multiple games a day. And the basketball games are easily two and a half hours a pop. That’s a lot of time given to an activity that hasn’t specifically been assigned within my daily weekday schedule. Check out my current yet tentative schedule in this post to see where I would fit in my sports spectator activities.

Realistically, I’ve just decided that I’m going to have to miss some games. There’s no way I can possibly keep up with the unrelenting onslaught of sports content that keeps coming at breakneck speed. And guess what? I’ll be okay. I’m also not going to let catching up on past games hang me up either. What I miss I miss. It’s like this: extra-curriculars have to be scheduled into my daily/weekly routine, because I’m not about to let them take over my life. In fact, I’m currently programmed to GET THINGS DONE as efficiently and productively as possible.

Get Things Done

I suppose I’m going through another phase of my maturing process as a middle-aged adult. And this time of maturation is taking me through the strengthening of my business-minded approach to accomplishing life goals.


Business-mindedness is going to require that I “work first, play later”, which is a mindset my husband has really tried to instill within our household, especially with our children. It’s even more so a lesson for me to firmly grab onto with both hands. Our children witnessing us leading by example is one of the best teaching tools we can utilize. And I intend to wear out work this year.

Now, there can’t be work without play. And if you try to go this extreme route of all work and no play, you’re most definitely headed for an early demise. I hate to be that blunt about it, but your overall health requires that you have balance in your life. So, the optimal solution is to recognize the importance of both work and play. Fit your work-related have-tos into your schedule first and then slip your “playtime” in afterwards.

I mention scheduling your work items first, because those items tend to be the priorities – – the items that have to be done to keep the day-to-day afloat and to keep life functioning and moving in a forward-facing direction. These tasks tend to take precedence over everything else, and they also take up the majority of your schedule. But that doesn’t mean you should neglect your downtime playtime — that “me” time that you so desperately need in order to stay well-balanced physically, mentally, and spiritually. And playtime can look like watching the sports or shows, reading the books, taking the naps, or just simply treating yourself to things that are special and that cater to you.

Degrees of Maternity is dedicated to promoting content, encouraging anyone who would like to GET THINGS DONE this year and into infinity but also have balance in life as well. So, I’m not talking to the content creator only or the entrepreneur only, or the creative entrepreneur only. I’m talking to anyone who’s looking to make a positive impact in his or her life and the lives of others by working toward goals that lead to life betterment.

Life betterment requires that you:

  • participate in continuous education.
  • acquire new skills.
  • keep abreast of changes in the society surrounding you as well as the whole wide world.
  • connect with other individuals like you and different from you (healthy differences can help you learn and grow).
  • learn how to be a problem solver to provide helpful solutions for yourself and others.
  • be a worker bee.
  • recognize the opportunity costs in life and be willing to make sacrifices and hard choices, where and when needed.

Are you noticing a pattern in the list above?

Personally, I would say that life betterment requires proactivity, hard work, and perseverance — all skills sets/character traits that we need to sharpen continuously. Can anyone say “continuous personal and process improvement“?

With that being said, I think that “proactivity”, “hard work”, and “perseverance” will be great discussion points for next Tuesday’s blog post, where I’ll go into more detail on my business-minded approach for accomplishing my writing goals in 2021. I’ll provide more details on my upcoming free ebook and recurring newsletters for my email subscribing friends. And I’ll also go through the following seven calls-to-action that identify those with a business-minded or GETTING WORK DONE mentality. 

Appreciate the Process

Serve the People

Have a Plan

Do the Work

Be Proactive

Be Consistent

Don’t Give Up


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