Writing Goals for a 2021 Fresh Start

Well, here we are folks. At the very beginnings of 2021. Can you believe it? And what do you intend to do with your life goals this year? Have you identified some achievements to pursue? Well, I’ve given the whole goal-setting topic quite a bit of attention lately — not because we just vacated 2020 and entered 2021, but because my outlook on creating content has circled back around to a concentration on writing goals. 

New Beginning

Writing goals, whoo hoo! I’m so excited. I needed something to light my fire for this year’s goal-setting initiative and to lead me in the “write” direction. And all of the goals that I’ve identified, thus far, are going down that path — the path following the “writing” direction, that is. As a matter of fact, all of my 2021 goals will involve writing to some extent in order to accomplish the objectives. 

Now, you might be interested in checking out last Tuesday’s post, Writing Goals and More 2020 Close-Out, to see how I wrapped up my goal-setting challenges for 2020, specifically regarding what was accomplished, what got nixed, and what was carried over to 2021.

And without getting into all the nitty-gritty details, I’ll start in with naming the three different categories my 2021 writing goals fall within. Next, I’ll follow the categories with the basic goals I intend to carry out by category. Last, I’ll end by going into detail with one of my most thrilling (for me, anyway) writing ventures to date. The writing goals fall under the following categories:

Writing Education

Writing for Books and Blog

Newsletter for Email Subscribers

And without further ado, let’s get into the 2021 writing goals.

Writing Education

In an effort to validate my writing expertise (outside of writing itself), I’ve decided to invest in my writing education and take a few (or as many as I can stuff into a week) online courses as well as  carry out some much-needed reading on all things writing. Here’s how I intend to further my writing education:

  1. Will take SkillShare courses and report some of the golden nuggets I receive in the Degrees of Maternity newsletter (coming soon).
    1. Courses on writing techniques
    2. Courses on the self-publishing process
    3. Courses on the proofreading and editing process
    4. Courses on writing and publishing children’s books
    5. Courses on blogging
  2. Will read two books a month and do brief reviews or report some of the golden nuggets I receive in the Degrees of Maternity newsletter (coming soon).
    1. Books about writing techniques
    2. Books about the self-publishing process
    3. Books about author business planning and mindset
    4. Books about the proofreading and editing process
    5. Books about writing and publishing children’s books

Writing for Books and Blog

A couple of important things to note are that I’ll be creating three different pieces of content to be distributed to my Degrees of Maternity email subscribers. And, I’ll be giving every one plenty of opportunities to subscribe to my list as I start putting up these pieces of content for your viewing pleasure.

Furthermore, I also plan on creating books in physical and ebook formats to go out on both Etsy and Amazon. And to that end, I’ll be taking more of a comprehensive approach by working to manage virtually all of the self-publishing processing of my books. So, some of my specialized writing education will come in the form of online courses and book reading to assist me with proofreading/editing as well as formatting tasks.

My book writing and blogging goals make up: 

  1. A free ebook on why we may need to incentivize our children to GET THINGS DONE (for Degrees of Maternity email subscribers)
  2. A free ebook to guide parents on ways in which we can help our children GET THINGS DONE (for Degrees of Maternity email subscribers)
  3. A freebie survey/questionnaire for parents to give to their children, regarding incentives (for Degrees of Maternity email subscribers)
  4. A paperback book and ebook about the rewards system process to incentivize children
  5. A paperback workbook to accompany the book above
  6. A paperback book and ebook about  rewards systems for the young reader 
  7. A paperback book and ebook about  rewards systems for the young writer
  8. A video displaying some of the rewards system’s tools to use to incentivize children
  9. A Tuesday and Friday blogging schedule, to include content on my book writing journey, blogging experiences, and general writing goals.

Newsletter for Email Subscribers

I’ve provided the list (below) in a prior post, but I wanted to outline the features of my upcoming newsletter once again. All of the features (below) will be split out among two newsletters that will be distributed each month, on the 2nd and 4th Sundays, starting in January 2021. A feature may appear in each newsletter for the month or in just one of the newsletters for that month. It just depends on what’s going on in my little neck of the blogosphere. Also, this exclusive publication will only be available to those who subscribe to my email list. (I’ll be sending out information on how to subscribe in the very near future.) So, don’t miss out on this newsworthy scoop.

And, here’s a little fun fact that will give you some insight about the newsletter . . .

The Degrees of Maternity (DOM) newsletter will be known as “DOMinators News”. The name for the newsletter was derived from a play on words from this blog’s name and from wanting to have a meaningful name (the DOMinators) for the wonderful individuals who follow the Degrees of Maternity blog and/or subscribe to the email list. The DOMinators are heretofore known as Degrees of Maternity friends. And, the newsletter is for those friends who are all about dominating the processes and skills sets that will lead toward achieving all the positive goals they’ve set for themselves.

In last Tuesday’s post, I mentioned that I would “need your assistance with a very important piece of the newsletter”. Well that assistance comes in the form of making sure to sign up for it so you don’t miss out on any of the numerous topics of helpful information I’ll be providing for you. Ta-da! It’s simply going to be that easy to get access to a smorgasbord of good stuff. But you won’t automatically be privy to it just because you follow this blog through WordPress as a fellow “Reader” or by email.

You’ll actually have to sign-up or opt-in to have the newsletter sent to you. And by being a DOMinator, you’ll also have automatic access to the free ebooks and supplemental materials (mentioned above) as well as any other freebies created by yours truly. So again, stay tuned for upcoming information on how to subscribe to the email list. It’s a-comin’. Meanwhile, take a look-see at what you’ll be getting in your newsletter issues each month.

  • The Degrees of Maternity semimonthly newsletter will consist of the following features:
    • A comic strip
    • Information on current Etsy and/or Amazon product offerings
    • Information on any new product offerings
    • General announcements
    • Writing advice
    • Writing prompts for children and adults
    • Parenting advice
    • Health and wellness advice
    • Homeschooling updates/remote learning topics
    • Goals and productivity advice
    • Progress on Healthy Habits goals
    • Coupons/discounts, rewards, and giveaways
    • Quotes and conversations with my son
    • DIY project stuff or arts and crafts topics
    • Spotlights on other blogs and bloggers
    • Pandemic discussions
    • Bringing old Degrees of Maternity blogging series back
    • Book reviews and book reports
    • Reviews on online courses or any content I’m absorbing
    • Audio excerpts of Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult

In conclusion, I want to make it known right out the gate that my list of writing goals have the potential to look somewhat different months down the line, compared to how they look here. As past history has taught me, I have a knack for tweaking goals here and there. So, you may see some morph into something else, go away altogether, or gain a companion or two. You never know with me.

I also haven’t had a chance to create SMART goals for all of the items I want to accomplish in 2021. But, I’ll be taking this month to work on making all of my goals smart, as I flesh out my Degrees of Maternity Business Plan at a high level. I’ll be purchasing Joanna Penn’s Your Author Business Plan to help guide me through the process of determining creative and financial goals within an overall business plan for Degrees of Maternity.

So, you’re currently viewing my writing goals at a very basic level, but I do intend to follow up with you over time as I add more details to them to make them S.M.A.R.T.

  1. S (Specific) – the goal has a clearly defined expectation that is communicated.
  2. M (Measurable) – the goal can be observed or compared and therefore assigned a number, value, amount, or estimation.
  3. A (Achievable) – the goal is challenging yet attainable, where the necessary resources are accessible.
  4. R (Realistic) – the goal has a relatable purpose and meaning to the desired outcome.
  5. T (Timely) – the goal has a certain timeframe for completion or a deadline attached to it.

5 thoughts on “Writing Goals for a 2021 Fresh Start

  1. Can’t wait to subscribe to your newsletter! And for all the other content your planning. It sounds so useful, and I have a feeling I’ll be able to use it with my kids, so I’m really excited!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oh, thanks so much Kat. Your support is so encouraging to me. Now, the pressure is on. I definitely don’t want to disappoint you or any of the other wonderful people who might benefit from what I’m praying my 2021 goals will produce. I have my work cut out for me, but I’m looking forward to every part of it. I’m going to embrace the process and look for blessed outcomes to result for all who can use them. Thanks again for your kind words.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What I love about what you do is that you keep it all so real and down to Earth and are always honest. And I learn so much from you no matter what it is you’re putting out, whether it’s a step towards your goals or being honest about having to take a step back. Good luck with your goals this year!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Wow! I can’t ask for a more beautiful compliment in what you’ve so kindly stated. That’s what I want people to know about me — that I’m real and I’m just a regular person living life and trying to get better at it each day. But, I could most certainly say the same of you. Your realness is one of the reasons I’m drawn to what you share on your blog as well. Keep it comin’, dear friend. Your inspiration is contagious.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. That’s so sweet of you! Thank you so much! With more and more people trying to monetize their blogs, the realness seems to be lost more and more. I mourn it so much since the sense of a person behind it becomes lost. So I adore how upfront you are, and it always reminds me there is someone behind the blog and the words come from a heart.

    Liked by 1 person

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