Writing is the Glue Holding Everything Together

Happy Monday (or whatever day you may be reading this post)! I’m looking forward to another eventful week in content creation and the lessons it has in store for me. For the past few weeks, I almost feel like the overall theme of my lessons is not to forget what brought me to this point in time in the first place. And for those of you who’ve had a chance to peruse my content on this blog, you know good and well that writing has been the impetus that drew me to this particular platform.

But a few times, I’ve had these periods of inner examination, where I almost experienced a sense of warning myself to return to my first love — and to stop gallivanting around with my new love interest — digital products.

And then, I had to pull myself out of the “everything is either black or white” zone and realize that what I do now shouldn’t make me feel unfaithful to writing as a profession because I write in pretty much everything I do. There’s absolutely NO work day that goes by where I haven’t put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. Because as I’ve been known to say a time or two, a writer writes. And, that’s what I do.

Initially, in The Road to Authorship, I think I just had this overwhelming notion that my writing would be relegated toward creating self-published books — one self-improvement book after the other with only a slight break of no more than three to four weeks before moving on to the next book. I could possibly accomplish this feat of completing 3 to 4 books a year if I put my mind to it. And because my books would be shorter, easily-consumable books about life, this goal seemed totally doable. This was my mindset in the brand-new stages of my content creation journey.

But, life happens. Human beings are not robots. And, mindsets and creative pathways can change. I’ve had to somewhat train myself to make room for permission, space and time to find my creative direction.

Here’s the thing, though. I’ve never turned away from my first love. My first love in content creation is still my one and only. Our relationship has just evolved enough to where I’ve been introduced to new relationships — dear friends that both writing and I have welcomed as we travel this content creation journey together.

I didn’t set out to create digital products; but here I am . . . doing that very thing and loving every minute of it (except for the incredibly frustrating parts). Yet and still, I’m so glad that I have room in my heart for new friendships. My personal and professional growth cycles are definitely being enhanced by being open to new opportunities to incorporate writing into my life in different ways.

And so, I no longer feel like I’m leaving my initial goal of writing behind. I simply recognize the fact that I’ve allowed my heart to expand in order to explore these new avenues in which I can utilize my writing abilities.

For me personally, digital products are here to stay. And, let’s not forget that one of the first products I put out into the world was a digital product in the form of a self-published e-book called, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult. So, I haven’t veered far from my original creative roadway; I’ve just broadened it a bit to allow for travelling with new digital products such as learning and teaching templates and children-themed bookmarks, journal pages, and doorknob hangers. And, I do have an e-book for parent teachers thrown in there for good measure.

Furthermore, in thinking how writing is truly the glue that holds everything together in what I do at Degrees of Maternity, I decided to treat myself to a writing activity. I decided to look back over the course of last week and determine how many different types of writing activities I conducted over the week. I was pretty sure (even before starting the exercise) that I could come up with over 10 different content creation writing activities I had engaged in. Here’s the list I came up with:

  1. wrote two posts for the Degrees of Maternity blog
  2. responded to multiple comments on the Degrees of Maternity blog
  3. sent an email to Canva, responding to their response on the use of their images for commercial use
  4. messaged a fellow Pinterest account holder about joining her group board
  5. created wording for all of my Pinterest pins (to include: pin titles and pin descriptions)
  6. created wording for the couple of new group boards I created (to include: board titles and descriptions)
  7. posted multiple tweets regarding my Etsy products on Twitter
  8. updated my “Announcement” section in Etsy
  9. created wording for my new listings in Etsy (to include: product titles, descriptions, and tags)
  10. updated product descriptions for my current listings in Etsy
  11. updated my calendar with daily to-do tasks and reminders
  12. wrote a list of directions for my daughter to assist her in creating the images that you’ll see in the children’s reading and writing bundles (journal pages, bookmarks, and doorknob hangers) for the “Interesting Insects” series on Etsy
  13. wrote down notes from YouTubers I frequently watch who discussed hot topics that are currently relevant to what I’m doing on Etsy and Pinterest
  14. created wording for my children’s bookmarks

Easy peasy. I’m sure there were more writing activities I engaged in, but I found this to be an acceptable list — a list that solidified the fact that I definitely have the writer in me and that my writing skills are not exclusive to writing books only. I have the potential to do so much more. And my longevity in this content creation world actually depends on me utilizing my writing skills daily and in multiple ways. After all, learning (and growing) is what I continuously seek to do — hence, the Degrees of Maternity tagline . . . “where life education never ceases”.

Writing is the Glue

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