Freebie Friday: Freebies Recap (Part 2)

Over the course of 9 weeks, I had the opportunity to gain knowledge in creating simple but useful digital products in the form of the freebies posted on Freebie Fridays. The experience has allowed me to explore the creation of various forms of online informational tools as well as learn about email marketing strategies. And, it all has resulted in an exciting ride on this continuous learning curve.

However, I’m going to take a pause on putting out any new freebies on the Degrees of Maternity blog for the time being. Reason for this change: I have some pressing online informational tools that I’m looking to present (in their officially finalized versions) sometime this month, so I need to put my focused attention on those items. Therefore, June will be devoted to the reading and writing tools that I’m gradually developing into functional works-in-progress.

Nevertheless, the fact that I’m not currently creating any new freebies for Freebie Fridays doesn’t prevent me from reintroducing those freebies that I’ve created and previously posted.

If you happened to miss all the goodies that I presented over that 9 week period, then you are welcome to peruse the “Freebies” category of this blog’s “Home” page for all the offerings provided thus far. Or, you can simply check out the last 4 freebies I posted. (See below.) The first 5 freebies were recapped last Friday and you can find them all here.

Weekly Meal PlannerWeekly Meal Planner




The Project Planner Page 1

The Project Planner





Monthly Expense Report





Monthly Expense Report

Daily Schedule Template






Daily Schedule Template


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