Freebie Friday: Daily Schedule Template

For today’s Freebie Friday, I wanted to revive a freebie (with a slight tweaking) that I’ve presented before on this blog (quite some time ago though). And, it’s relevant now like it was way back when. I’m currently taking advantage of this template for my own personal purposes, as I find me and Little Man (my 10-year-old son) in need of some structure during the summer break from school, officially entered into as of a week ago today.

I find that I have different schedules for different seasons of my life. And now that Little Man is out of school, it’s important that I get him (and myself) on some kind of schedule for the summer.

Of course, our work demands will be a little more laid back and on our own terms, but there is work to be had. And, it’s going to be necessary to schedule out the work-related activities and productivity goals amidst all the downtime a summer break can bring.

Needless to say, I’m using the template to organize each of my weekdays within the week and trying to come up with a repeatable schedule to determine what Mondays through Fridays will look like for these next three months.

So, if you could use a helpful scheduling template that will assist you in organizing your tasks and assigning them in the appropriate time slots throughout your day, then this “Daily Schedule Template” is the perfect tool for you. And, since it’s a Word document, you’ll be able to easily edit the schedule to your specific needs. So, feel free to click on the link below to follow the process for accessing your scheduling template.

Daily Schedule Template

3 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: Daily Schedule Template

  1. I like schedules, and I also like throwing them to the wind sometimes! 😊 I think there is merit to both. My 9 year-old son also benefits from a bit of a schedule during the summer months. If not written down, then at least a routine. One summer, when he was about 6, he even made his own schedule! πŸ˜‚ What a guy!

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  2. I’ve also experienced a similar relationship with schedules as well. They don’t always work in all cases; but they sure do come in handy when you’re in need of a little structure in your life. I’m currently feeling the need to get some order going in the chaos I’ve been experiencing over the last few months. And, I’m hoping that getting back to some type of well laid-out routine (with flexibility built in) will do the trick. If your son (at 6) could do it, then I sure don’t have an excuse:)

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