Freebie Friday: Monthly Expense Report

Happy Friday, All! I’m excited to be bringing another one of my freebies to you today. And, it was totally inspired by a need for organization. My purse has been a hot mess for several weeks, due to the fact that I had mounds of receipts stuffed into it from all of the different financial transactions that occurred over the course of those weeks.

Now, I never really kept a manual balance of my incoming and outgoing cash flow from my checking account, because I’ve pretty much utilized automated phone systems and online banking to make sure deposits come in and payments go out.

But, I do remember times when I had to keep track of expenses for work for reimbursement purposes. And, I always had some kind of physical document that I was required to fill out and then attach the receipts or invoices to as proof of purchase (the expense, in this case).

There was always something really official about having this expense report with all of its supporting documentation attached. The hard copies solidified the report’s authenticity. Plus, such a report provided a centralized way of concisely capturing all the monetary transactions that went down during a particular period of time.

To this day, I love using paper. Yes, I’m old school, but old school has its place and validity in this world. I like keeping physical records of some things in case technology crashes and all the spreadsheets I poured over for months and months get lost in an online oblivion. (I always recommend having a back up of your records, whether physical or electronic, somewhere.)

However, I will admit that I currently use the online process to assist me with managing my personal banking. However, as time progresses and business cash flow requires more of my attention, I will definitely be utilizing spreadsheets along with manual reports to capture my expenses. Reason being: the IRS.

There will obviously be hard copies of transactions that are must-haves for record-keeping purposes for filing taxes (most definitely) or for auditing purposes (hopefully not). So, I don’t consider it wise to completely do away with paper documentation altogether.

I’ve always been a paper pusher, so I don’t mind manual paper processes at all. Having paper around makes me feel like I’m GETTING WORK DONE. Hee hee.

Anyway, I wanted to provide you with a monthly expense report for your personal and/or professional needs. You never know when a paper trail might be your saving grace. So, check out how you can access one more piece of paper (link below) that might come in handy from time to time.

Monthly Expense Report


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