Untitled Book #2 – Part 8

Untitled Book 2 - Part 8

Part 8:

Okay, so let me tell you what a void does in one’s life. A void causes one to reflect on what’s missing. And, I obviously had a professional gap that needed to be filled with whatever talents, skills, and abilities I thought I could bring to the table. Once I ended homeschooling, I sought a way to rectify my placement issue. I had to find my rightful professional placement in life.

And please understand that a crossroads experience can lead to a displacement or a misplacement, where you have irreconcilable differences between what you’re meant to do versus what you’re actually doing. The struggle is real and it can present itself in any area where your skill sets are not being fully utilized. There’s a gap . . . a void that only a rightful placement can fulfill.

My life’s journey led me to a point in time, where I was ready to close the discrepancy gap between the “where I’m at” and “where I’m meant to be”. And if you’re going through a misplacement or displacement in purpose/mission, then I encourage you to proceed throughout this reading with a mindset that you’re on the road to finding your rightful placement.

Now, I’m finding it difficult to think that you’re totally following my thought process for some of the terminology that I’ve laid out for you, especially if I haven’t officially defined that terminology for you.

I gave you my definition for crossroads, but I need to make sure you’re comprehending the whole placement ideology I’ve repeatedly thrown out there. In my personal experience, I identified two placement issues I fell into when I stopped homeschooling my son. I like to refer to one of them as misplacement and the other as displacement.

Definition of misplacement – when you feel like you’re in the wrong place. It’s like a feeling of being in the wrong home. You’re in someone else’s home. Individuals in this state of being have something to do to occupy their time, but they don’t enjoy what they’re doing. They don’t feel fulfilled. They don’t feel like what they’re doing is the best use of their time, talents, or efforts. They feel out of place. They reside somewhere that doesn’t feel like home.

Definition of displacement – when the circumstances around you change and knock you off kilter. Individuals in this state of being are out of sorts. Basically, their homes have moved without them. And, they have nowhere to use their time, talents, or efforts. Their old homes are gone, but they haven’t figured out where their new digs will be just yet. Let’s just say that folks in this state are in limbo (in an unsettled situation), where they don’t have resting places to call home.

I went through both a misplacement and displacement (simultaneously) with the loss of the homeschooling opportunity.

3 thoughts on “Untitled Book #2 – Part 8

  1. Yes, I’m thinking a lot of people can identify with this part of my untitled book. My misplacement and displacement issues occurred almost two years ago and I feel like I was able to get myself at a rightful placement over time. But, it takes time. And, I can only imagine all the placement issues people are going through today with the way this pandemic has hit the world.

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