Polls for Week #1: What Activities Do Your Children Prefer?

Well, it’s another Monday in the neighborhood. And, I’m so ready to get your feedback on a few questions I have, regarding your young learners out there. As I mentioned in last Monday’s post, I’ll be spending the next few Mondays polling you wonderful people to find out some real-life answers to questions I have that will shape future endeavors here at Degrees of Maternity. And those endeavors have everything to do with assisting parents and guardians and their children in the learning process.

Learning is what we all do as growing human beings. But I’m finding it especially critical to focus on our generations that are starting at the beginnings of their formal educational learning processes and encouraging them along a path of successful progress. So, I think it’s extremely important to find creative ways for children to learn different subject matter, especially knowledge that may be difficult or not as interesting as others.

Today’s set of questions are geared toward finding out the types of activities your children (grades 1st through 5th) enjoy participating in. Since these polls are pretty short, I sure would appreciate your participation in all three of them.

I’d like to thank you in advance for any information you’re willing to provide. Your honest feedback is instrumental in creating tools that are useful to your children.

The following questions will be available for you to complete anytime, but I’d love to have your responses sooner rather than later. I’ll have a whole other set of polls for you next week. Thanks, again.



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