Freebie Friday: Daily Activity Planning Sheet

Happy Friday! I have another goodie for you. The “Daily Activity Planning Sheet” is available for your immediate use. Just click on the link at the end of this post and you’ll receive your instructions on how to download it.

Now, this worksheet was designed with you in mind and will provide you, parents and guardians out there, with an organizational tool to help structure your child’s school work day (at home).

The planning worksheet is meant to give you a quick “at-a-glance” outline of what your child’s day will look like in one centralized location.

This tool is really going to be a time-saver, if you utilize it consistently. And, it’s just waiting for you to print it out and complete it.

Now, I have a suggestion for you. Why don’t you try using the worksheet as a homeschooling activity and have your child fill-in-the-blanks for the daily planning. Of course, you’ll need to provide the content for your child to fill in.

And, who knows? Using this planning worksheet might eventually make it easier to formulate a regular schedule or routine for your and your child’s day.

Here’s to organized schooling from the homestead!

Click on the link below to get to your “Daily Activity Planning Sheet”:


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