The Art of People Business – The Virus That Created a New Norm

When I was contemplating what to discuss for the next few installments of The Art of People Business series, I knew I needed to go to a topic of great relevance and importance in light of what we, human beings, are experiencing in the world in which we live. I want to relate whatever I’m addressing to current events  — those events that are currently and universally impacting people all over this really turbulent world.

In fact, the whole point of The Art of People Business series is to hone in on how we, as human beings, interact with one another and the world around us. My goal is to dive into those relevant topics of discussion that are hard-hitting, impactful, and that affect us deeply on various levels (mentally, physically, and spiritually). At least, that’s what I’m striving to do and where I want to go every Thursday with this blog.

And in keeping with the whole theme that I just laid out for you, my mind immediately went to the fact that life as we know it is having to incorporate the existence of a virus that is changing: how we interacted with one another, how our economies looked, how we utilized advancements and technology, how we learned, how we conducted business, and how we generally lived life before COVID-19.

It almost sounds like I’m giving you a rundown of The Art of People Business’ technology installments that just ended. And if you didn’t get a chance to read up on the pieces of reality I laid out there, you can feel free to check out the following posts:

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But no, I’m not going to relive my technology discussion in these coming weeks. I’m starting a whole new series and this new one will bring us face-to-face with changes to life as we’ve known it, world pandemic-style.

I know, I know. It’s heavy subject matter; but it’s real, it’s life, it’s what we’re dealing with up-close-and-personal, and it’s what we’re going to be adjusting to for months and years to come. So, devoting some focused attention on life amid the Coronavirus is the direction I’ve chosen to take for the next few weeks.

How many weeks, you might ask? Well, I’d have to respond to that question like most of the top health officials and world leaders are responding to questions related to COVID-19: “It’s too early to tell” or “I just don’t have enough information to answer that question with certainty” or simply “I can’t answer that yet.”

I imagine I’ll have these topics, surrounding COVID-19, while it seems to be hitting every area of life so incredibly hard. Because as you know, this prevalent virus tends to be the main topic of conversation people are talking about these days — from the politicians, world leaders, common folks, medical profession, to the educational system, food industry, to the religious arena, recreational industry, the entertainment industry, employers and employees (in general), through social media followers and leaders, charitable organizations, and the technology world-at-large. To make sure I didn’t miss anyone, let’s just say that COVID-19 is just about on everyone’s minds these days.

So, why should I be any different from the masses? I need to talk about it too.

We live in a world of uncertainty, we live in a world of fear, we’re living in times that are unprecedented.

And on the flip side, there have been scenarios where triumph has risen out of these tragic times. I’ve heard of people coming together that normally wouldn’t have. Families and friends contacting loved ones from afar, who they hadn’t talked to for ages. Instances where people have had to figure out creative ways to do things because their normal way or means was no longer available. And by determining new ways to do things, one person was able to help many more people do that very thing. People have even been able to charter new territories where they’ve have the opportunity to touch peoples’ lives for the better and in very awe-inspiring ways. These heroes (big and small) rose to meet an impossible situation and take on an overwhelming need.

In many ways, today’s needs look a lot different than they did several months ago; and the landscape of the way we live life has changed. Honestly, I don’t see our world going back to the status quo (pre-COVID-19). There’s no business as usual anymore. Because now, we have a virus that has made its mark in our current history (and will be in future history books to come).

A virus is literally changing the course of how we’ve operated as human beings. It’s creating a new norm for life going forward. History states that human beings can easily forget when times were tough (especially if they weren’t directly affected), once the heavy hand of affliction has been lifted. But for the generations living and comprehending what’s going on today, I don’t think our short-term memories are going to kick into gear and cause our minds to forget how 2020 rolled in. All are being affected by this word event.

Is it too forward of me to say that we’ll never be able to forget what’s been going on from the end of 2019 up to the present? Surely not. We can’t ignore it, we can’t undo it, and it’s interwoven into the fabric of our daily lives and will have a far-reaching impact in what we’ll be facing in our futures.

So again, I need to visit the intricate topics that come with a virus that has changed the world. And, I’m sure I’ll draw writing material from the daily briefings from The White House and news coverage of events around the world as well as social media outlet conversations and my own personal experiences and perspective. I’ll be using this information to develop the posts you’ll see on Thursdays going forward.

And, I want you all to feel free to engage in these topics of conversation with me and the others who will visit this blog in the weeks to come. Share your comments, share your insight, and share what adjustments you’ve had to make or see others make to navigate through these difficult times. Share your feelings and thoughts about what’s going on in your part of the world.

Sometimes, healing comes from expression of feelings through words. And for me, writing commentary and sharing it with others is a therapeutic way to deal with the unpleasant aspects of life. Sharing not only brings a release of my bottled-up emotions from time to time (which is liberating), but it also has a tendency to bring about edification for others. So, I hope you care, because I’m going to share.

See you next week for the first topic in how COVID-19 is creating a new norm.

Changes Ahead

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