Untitled Book #2 – Part 3

Untitled Book 2 - Part 3

Part 3:

Right. So, what else would I be doing to fill up my days? What purpose did I need to fulfill?  How could I use the skills sets that I had acquired over the years? What was I to do with my life?

At this point in my crossroads, I came to the realization that I must make a decision as to how I was going to occupy my time. And I wasn’t going to spend it doing something frivolous, selfish, or of no redeeming value. It would have to be meaningful to me and be something meaningful to others. Essentially, I was seeking my mission-driven purpose.

I also knew that whatever I was meant to do wouldn’t be treated like a hobby. It would become my profession going forward.

After homeschooling, I was always in the mindset of following up my role in educating my son with something I valued just as much. Consequently, that something would also have some built-in flexibility in the how to and the timing in which to pursue it.

Immediate and extended family responsibilities were becoming an increasingly significant part of my daily and weekly schedule and would need to be taken into consideration with any new endeavor I’d take on. In addition, my newly-adopted profession should also have the potential to be income-producing; because as you well know, funds are necessary to function in this life. So, my goal was to eventually earn income doing the something that I truly enjoyed (loved even).

While I had determined that my new placement must afford me the opportunity to financially contribute to the needs of my family, money wasn’t the only driving force for determining how to productively fill my days. There was that trifecta effect, providing the motivating factors for forging my future plans.

Whatever I was meant to do required the two other components to work in full force. In other words, my mission-driven pursuit had to produce value worthwhile and beneficial to others AND it also had to be something that I personally enjoyed doing. Those two components, along with the earning potential, formed the winning combination that could create a professional placement sustainable for the long-term.

So, identifying those three must-haves brought me to the purpose I fulfill at Degrees of Maternity to this very day. I feel incredibly fortunate to have found my rightful placement – a creative entrepreneur who loves to write for a living.

Over time, I’ve morphed into someone who has created and released her own written content into the world with the hope that those words deliver encouragement, inspiration, and motivation to make life-changing moves for the better. And you might wonder if I’d be satisfied with creating a blog, YouTube channel, and book (just to tout around the fact that I did so) and then call it quits. Well, the answer is “NO”.

I’m in this writing and entrepreneurship journey for the expanse of the life God gives me. What I’m doing now is not a job, which is a term that seems more temporary in nature. It’s my life-long profession — my career. And with any career path you take, there’s a natural learning curve and progression of growth that takes place.

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