What Learning Tools Do Your Children Need?

I think we can all agree that we’re finding ourselves in some extremely trying times right about now, and people are having to adjust their lives in a variety of different ways. Two of the major adjustments my family are facing right now come in the form of school  and job changes. And in light of those changes, starting today, I have all of my children at home with me because of the social distancing and precautionary measures that all schools and many workplaces are taking very seriously.

Workplaces are doing what they have to do and so are schools. So, let’s just dive into the subject of schooling amid the Coronavirus.

Now, it’s very fortunate that I don’t have to worry about the educational needs of my adult children, as my daughter (Toodlez) has already graduated from college with her engineering degree and my son (Junior) is going to have online instruction provided by the faculty at his university. So, they’re both good-to-go on this particular topic of conversation.

However, that leaves one of my children left in the balance: Little Man, my fourth-grader.

The fact remains . . . Little Man still had 9 weeks left of school (after this past week which was Spring Break); and with him being at home, I’m about to delve back into the world of homeschooling. And that means I need some much-needed structure with a schedule and weekday routine clearly laid out and adhered to.

While the school system is supposed to roll-out some educational opportunities (in the form of packets and online instruction) for the children in order to keep them academically engaged for the remainder of the school year, it’s really up to me to make sure Little Man continues on a steady path of learning.

And with that thought in mind, I decided to really hunker down and think of some learning tools that will help me get organized (these next few weeks) in making sure that Little Man continues his schooling.

As I think back over my homeschooling stint for Little Man’s first and second grade years through his public schooling in Kindergarten, third, and now fourth grade, I’ve identified some of the tools that I think would be beneficial in assisting me in assisting Little Man through the end of this school year and into the summer.

I would like to create some learning tools bundles for parents and guardians who are in a position of having young children at home and needing a little guidance on how to create some school-like organization among the chaos we’re finding ourselves in.

Parent Teaching Child

And, my initial thought is to start by creating a packet of templates (a printable digital product) to help the adults organize their child’s school work week as well as provide an outline for repetitive activities on common educational objectives.

The sooner I can get these packets going and out the better, as I join in the uncertainty a lot of adults are facing regarding next steps for their children. Somewhat comforting is the fact that many schools are creatively working their way through providing non-traditional instruction for the children; and some seem to have taken more of a proactive stance over a reactionary defense. But, everyone’s having to scramble and figure out what can be done in the best interests of the children with so many loose ends left untied. So, that’s where we are. And this is why I feel compelled to take my new product journey down this avenue for now.

I truly believe there are some educational tools I could provide that would be put into good use by parents and guardians of elementary school-aged children. So, beginning this week, ideas for creating educational packets is the mission I’m undertaking. I’ve also started some preliminary work on the book I’m writing about encouraging reading and writing in young children. And, I kind of feel like the packets will go hand-in-hand with the new product development I was already aiming for. Only this packet of tools has been fueled by a new influx of ideas influenced by the times we’re precariously finding ourselves in.

What I really would like to know is WHAT TOOLS WOULD ASSIST YOU IN TEACHING YOUR CHILD? What do you need in order to make the most of the remainder of your child’s school year at home? What could I help you with?

I need to hear from you.

Just know: we don’t need teaching degrees in order to instruct our children and offer them learning experiences that will prepare them for the next level. All we need is the desire to see our children succeed and the appropriate tools to guide them through the mastery of their grade-appropriate objectives.

So again, what do you need for your child(ren)? I’ve already created a list based on my needs for Little Man, but my list is just waiting to be added to. And I can only imagine that some of the instructional materials I need to teach my child are items that you may need to teach your child as well. But, I won’t know that for sure until I hear from you.

I do, however, know that no two households are the same, which is why I request your assistance in educating me on your needs. So, feel free to comment on this blog post with your top requests for educational tools to help your child through this odd time in his/her academic career. Or, send me a message through my “Contact” page if you would like to communicate with me that way.

Throughout this journey, I’ll do my best to keep you abreast of all the latest developments on any upcoming projects. I’m excited about the opportunity to create something of benefit to help all of our households. But, let’s work together. I need your help in helping me to help you.

And also keep in mind that, while we’re trying to maneuver through these difficult times, let’s cherish our little ones who look to us for strength, encouragement, protection, guidance, and love. Our children need us to hold it together and show them positivity and perseverance now more than ever. Investing in them today pays off big-time dividends for their tomorrows.

3 thoughts on “What Learning Tools Do Your Children Need?

  1. You know, I’ve been contemplating that question for days now: what do I need to teach my son? Frankly, I have absolutely no clue. There are so many resources out there and more popping up every day. I can’t go anywhere online without bumping a toe against some new idea to try out. It’s gotten to the point where there’s so much that my brain in overwhelmed. I keep trying to scale things back, but it’s so hard to focus on where I should go; I kind of want to do everything, but I know that’s impossible. I think what would be most useful to me would be a well-rounded base to spring off of, something with the basics and things that would help me and my son explore his interests.


  2. Hey there Kat – you’re awesome! I soooooooooo appreciate your response. It really helps to hear from other parents who have young children and are going through the same feelings of “what direction do I go now”. I’m so there with you. I’m definitely going to start with basics — those template outlines that can help with core learning instruction and then maybe focus in on packets that are solely math concepts or language arts topics. We’ll see. I’m learning as I go. But, I love the idea of creating helpful tools to assist parents with exploring their children’s interests. So, I now have that on my list as well. I’ll be keeping you posted and thanks again.

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  3. That’s fantastic! I really look forward to what you’re putting together. We’re hoping schools are able to reopen, but a part of us fears this will last and we’ll be homeschooling in the fall, too, and then we’ll be in completely new waters with a different grade level. It’s kind of scary.

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