Reblog – The Real-Life 3 C’s of Blogging

Wow! It’s rare for me to go back and find a blog post of mine that’s less than 200 words. But, I found one. And today’s reblog is a testament to the fact that it doesn’t necessarily take a lot of words to deliver a powerful message.

This blog post, originally published on September 4, 2019, piggy-backed off of the 3 C’s of Goal-Setting, which I’ve highlighted in several posts on this site as well as in my book, Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult.

I simply took these 3 C’s of goal-setting and applied them to the world of blogging. And, the reflection that you’ll read (below) will define what each principle means to me in the written content I create.

I appreciate this post, because it’s a great reminder of why I blog in spite of obstacles and, in general, why I started blogging in the first place.

What do the 3 C’s of (your special endeavor) look like to you? 

For me, the 3 C’s of blogging look a lot like . . .


  • blogging because you enjoy the process for its intrinsic value to you and others, even when its extrinsic benefits are little to none.
  • delivering to your audience on promises made.
  • delivering the message, even when the messenger (you) isn’t feeling 100%.


  • striving to provide high quality blog posts (every single time), even when you have just a handful of people reading your posts versus the masses.
  • working into the wee hours of the a.m. or getting up very early in the a.m. to make sure a post is delivered on time, according to the blogging schedule you communicated to your audience.
  • creating a comfortable online environment that is familiar to your audience . . .  one that your followers come to expect and appreciate.


  • putting yourself “out there” by sharing your creative gift with the world.
  • staying true to who you are in what you do (written work and all), even when doing so isn’t popular.
  • giving yourself permission to learn from your failures and mistakes in order to improve your writing skills.

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