New Product Genesis

Happy Monday, All! It’s been a few days since I last visited with you and I’m rearin’ to go this fine Monday. I previously announced that I’m putting book #2 on hold for now, but I’ve taken on a new product project and wanted to share a little bit about its development without giving too much detail away at this early stage. Needless to say, I’m in the weeds of hashing out all the particulars.

I also previously put out a blog post about how you can become very inspired with new ideas, occasionally at the most unexpected times and in the most unexpected ways. Or, you just may not be in a place where you can really take on any new endeavors because you’re already in the middle of current ideas. And, I went into the fact that you have to be careful when that shiny new object presents itself; and that resisting the urge to get distracted and taken off course may be the best option in most cases.

Initially, I thought that’s what I was experiencing . . . the shiny new object vying for my attention and determined to take me down the wrong path. But, I came to realize that there may come those critical moments when it’s necessary to change your direction mid-course and refocus your efforts on uncharted territory. It’s quite possible that the shiny new object is the welcomed distraction you didn’t realize you needed.

I feel that what I’ve shown you, through my blog if nothing else, is that I’m simply sharing life and relatable life experiences that I’m naturally going through. And that life can be unpredictable sometimes, can veer off from best laid out plans, and hold some life-altering lessons to be learned from.

As my Degrees of Maternity tagline states, “life education never ceases”. And as I continue on my creative journey, I’m steadily gaining knowledge and experience that will help enhance my decision-making abilities on where I should place my focus, time, and energy. Obviously, I want to place my efforts into projects that are meaningful, not only to myself but to others. That’s my ultimate goal with all things Degrees of Maternity.

So, at the end of book #2, I couldn’t help but assume that I was being led by the shiny new object. But after some serious deliberation and refusal to drop the fresh idea that popped into my head, I eventually recalibrated my thought processes and decided to welcome a new direction that would take me right back to the old path that I started on. I’m about to make a 180 degree move that will result in creating a new product line, inspired by the original catalysts for the birth of Degrees of Maternity.

This product line will involve a physical product that will be the combination of contributions from yours truly as well as yours truly’s children. Yes, I’m looking to bring in the artistic reserves for this one. My goal is to get Toodlez and Little Man involved with this product project in a major way.

Now, I’m going to be careful with my demands, as my children have their own work and school responsibilities that will take precedence over any assistance they’ll be providing to me. But, in the in between times, I’ll be enlisting their creative genius in developing handcrafted design work to assist me in giving these new products a unique Degrees of Maternity feel.

In A New Product Idea and the Second Book post, I mentioned that, by reading my “About” page, you would be able to identify the two inspiring factors that started Degrees of Maternity and that these two inspiring factors are also providing the life force behind what I’ve decided to pursue at this point in my journey (in lieu of book #2). The two factors are my love of writing and my love for my children.

Now, my children are the motivation for a lot of things that I’ve written about in this blog as well as for activities I’ve chosen to be involved in now and into the future. Children, mine and others, have provided me with many joyous occasions to do some really meaningful things in life: from babysitting to mentoring to teaching to parenting. Some of my best moments or purpose-filled opportunities have catered around involvement with children.

There’s something incredibly unique that children bring to any life experience. Full of life, animated, energetic, ambitious, and wired to learn are all descriptive words and phrases that come to mind when I think of the interactions I’ve had with children. Maybe it’s their wide-eyed eagerness to absorb information and act on what they know, their willingness to participate and involve themselves in the activity at hand, and/or their courage to pursue new adventures that encourage a fun atmosphere in which to create and innovate.

Okay. For those who’ve spent some time checking out the contents of this blog, I’m sure it comes as no surprise to you that I’ve decided to hone in on my roots and focus on a product that involves writing and children. Oh, and I’m holding on tight to my ultimate dream of writing books for children one day. I’ll let you in on a little secret though: the new product idea isn’t a children’s book. I have a learning curve to work through in order to get to that place in my writing journey. It’s going to take some time, but I’m confident I’ll get there in time.

In conclusion, I apologize if this introduction to my new product idea seems pretty vague, but it’s meant to be. I’m only in the genesis, or beginning, stage of new product development. And I’ve learned from prior experience that, in the content creation realm, it’s best not to talk a good game without being able to deliver. I’ve had several start-fails or start-interrupts on the Degrees of Maternity journey, so I’m determined to learn from my mistakes and be a little more stingy with some of the info that I distribute to you wonderful blog supporters out there. I really want to steer clear of promising something I can’t deliver.

While I’m excited about this idea with every fiber of my being and can see it playing out successfully in my mind; more importantly, I want to see it full of life in reality as well. So, I plan on giving you little details here and there to let you know how things are progressing, sharing snippets of progress I’ve made (not progress I would like to make). In other words, I want to inform you of the actual action taking place. After all, actions speak louder to blog readers than intentions.

NEXT MONDAY ⇒ I’ll discuss a third motivating factor that correlates with the others and forms part of the backbone for my new product idea.

Creative Idea

Tip of the Week: One of the best ways to get off to a productive morning is to prepare the night before. Anything you can do to make your morning more stress-free and less hectic should be implemented in your morning routine (ahead of time). Here are just a few suggestions to help your day get off to a more efficient start:

  • You could take your shower/bath the night before.
  • You could prepare your lunch the night before and place the items that don’t require refrigeration in your lunch carrier and have your items that require refrigeration placed in their containers or sandwich bags/plastic wrap ready-to-go. (Hot items should probably be prepared and placed in their appropriate container that morning.)
  • You could have your clothes picked out and ironed the night before.
  • You could have backpacks, purses, briefcases, accessories (like keys, jackets/coats, shoes, etc.) of your choice packed and/or laid out and ready to go the night before.
  • Make sure you have plenty of gas in your vehicle’s tank so you don’t have to stop and fill up in the morning. It’s much easier to make sure and load up before heading home for the night (before) than it is to leave the house a few minutes earlier the morning of to stop by the closest convenience shop and load up.

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