Productivity Tuesday: Repurposing Your Creative Content

It’s amazing to think of the smorgasbord of options in which content creators can provide what content consumers truly love. There’s absolutely a platform for everyone. And if I were to think of a Big 3 in types of content, I’d have to name video for the visual lover, podcasting for the audio lover, and of course, blogging for the lover of the written word. And the fact that there are many more methods of disseminating information other than the Big 3 just mentioned, it’s enough to make the content consumer’s head spin from probable information overload.

However, it’s highly likely that most individuals have narrowed their content options down to one or two preferable methods over all the others but don’t mind perusing a platform or two or five to see what’s out there. I, like most people, probably fall into this category. So, while a content creator can’t be on every platform at once, I think it’s a advantageous time to offer your content on as many platforms as you’re comfortable in efficiently managing. And one way to assist you in your productivity with content is to streamline it to distribute to multiple content outlets.

Let me use my current set-up for example.

Now, I’m in no way an expert on best practices, regarding content dissemination; but I’ve heard a thing or two out in the Blogosphere, Video Land, and Podcast Nation to know a thing or two. And, I’m currently initiating some of the advice I’ve been given.

For instance, once I publish a blog post, it automatically (through WordPress set-up) goes to Twitter as a tweet. Once I upload a YouTube video, I manually send it to Twitter with a little lead-in message. Also, in uploading a YouTube video, I post it to this blog under the “YouTube” page. (Actually, I include my 3 most recent video uploads on this page for your viewing pleasure.) And here’s the kicker. I’ve been regularly (for the past two months) using my blog posts for The Art of People Business series as the scripting for my YouTube videos. (Had anyone noticed that yet?)

Repurposing and redistributing my content has allowed little old me (a one-person show) to efficiently make the most of my same pieces of content on multiple platforms. And, my messaging has been able to land in the view of more people — people who may prefer a certain platform over another and who may not have come across my content if I hadn’t presented it in different formats and on different platforms.


Suggested Steps for Repurposing Your Creative Content

  1. Determine which types of content you would prefer to create.
  2. Then, determine the platform(s) that would best align with your content goals. (Do your research here.)
  3. If you’re utilizing multiple platforms to distribute your content, remember to create your content pieces to be easily transferable from one platform to another. (Always think ahead about how you can either take the exact piece of content and transfer it or tweak the original piece to fit appropriately on another platform.)
  4. Make sure to let your audience (on all platforms) know where they can find you. (Some of your audience includes actual content creators who may like to check out your work on other platforms. They may even be willing to share it on their different platforms to provide their audiences with multiple options for content.)
  5. Make sure to set up a content schedule to help keep you on track as you juggle everything as well as assist you in consistency efforts. (People will come to the platforms you’re on, if they know when and where to find you.)

Okay, I’m going to take a leap of faith here and ask for a little assistance from you.

I hope you don’t think this is too forward of me; but I would be so appreciative if you’d subscribe to my YouTube channel. Look, I’ll even make it easy for you. I’ve included my most recent upload from yesterday. (See directly below.)

All you have to do is click on the video and hit the “Subscribe” button once it comes into view. It would be so very much appreciated if you would do so. I figure . . . if you can’t ask your family and your friends at Degrees of Maternity (the best support group out there) to assist you in your efforts to spread positive messaging to the masses, then who can you ask?

My intention with any platform I’m utilizing is to reach as many people as possible through uplifting content that encourages, informs, motivates, and hopefully entertains from time to time. And I hate to admit it, but YouTube is throwing me for a loop right now. I’m not getting much traction at the moment, and I’m sure that it has everything to do with the fact that I’m pretty “green” at what I’m doing with video. But, you’ve got to start somewhere, don’t you?

So, while Degrees of Maternity is at ground level, I could use your helping hand to lift my efforts with video up a couple of floors or so. Everyone needs a little start-up help when attempting something new that takes them out of their comfort zone. And although I’ve been on YouTube since the beginning of January 2019, I’m still very much a novice and learning every time I upload a new video.

Here’s what I’m thinking. Since I’m convinced that you probably spend some portion of your week on YouTube anyway, why not spend some of that time with me? Who knows? Degrees of Maternity on YouTube just may become your new healthy addiction. I’d love to see you there.

BONUS: This is the second week in a row that I’ve forgotten to provide you with the Tip of the Week on Monday and then had to insert it on Tuesday’s blog post. Hmmmm . . .  do you think that’s a sign that “Productivity Tuesdays” might be the better day for including this weekly tip? Probably, or maybe I just need to follow one of my scheduling suggestions and simply write down a little reminder for myself to include the weekly tip on Mondays until it’s effortlessly a part of my Monday routine.

On to the actual Tip of the Week ⇒ if your memory is like mine regarding some weekly tasks like the one above, then I would venture to guess that you might have some challenges on remembering to manage those tasks (or in this case, expenses) that come around once a year.

I recently had some sizable expenses that were automatically debited from my account because I had set them up to do so on an annual basis. However, I failed to create some kind of budget calendar or spreadsheet to remind me of those expenses and when they would come up again the next year.

Can you guess what happened? Bank wasn’t ready for the withdraw and neither was I. All was well, after the fact; but, I could have saved myself a money mishap by having my yearly reminder come through for me. Can’t blame the system though; this was totally operator error.


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