A New Product Idea and the Second Book

Sometimes when you write, it’s good to just work through those challenges you face when applying those finishing touches to your book. Sometimes, your blessing (the completion of an awesome work of art) is just around the corner. And in these instances, I’m one of the first people to encourage others to push through and don’t stop short of your blessing.

And other times, the struggle that comes with pursuing a creative project might be that necessary tug to draw your attention to the fact that you may be going in the wrong direction or going about something in the wrong fashion. I think my journey for book #2 fell into this category.

I was honest in revealing some of the challenges that were facing me with my second book and some of the hesitation I was experiencing in finishing this book (especially in finalizing some chapters that needed more detail and in editing a work that was a continuous work-in-progress). Check out Writing Weekly Report 11 + Goal Disruption  to get the skinny.

Naturally, my first impression was that I needed to push through and not let self-doubt creep in and talk me out of self-publishing a book that personally meant so much to me. But, here’s the thing. There is an element of “me” that will be in any book that I create; but what I offer should be less about me and more about the reader.

And, I just wasn’t feeling confident enough in the fact that I was delivering enough inspiration to package in a book, promising to assist others in making the moves necessary to reach their greatest potential. Simply stated, in the direction I was going, I didn’t feel that I’d be doing the intent of the book justice. Again, that intent was to inspire others to make moves that can bring about those positive changes that are life-changing.

By the way, the specific focus of my second book had everything to do with the process that will lead you to identifying the meaningful mission (your passion points) in your life. Of course, this topic is one that has been written by many. But I knew I could deliver my own, unique version of this subject matter that would be different than any other author’s. And, I still believe this to be the case, which is why I’ll be . . .

Well, as previously reported, I’m putting book #2 on hold for now. And when book #2 finally comes out, it’ll probably look completely different than how it appears at the moment. As for what’s been completed of this current book, here’s what I’ve decided to do with it. I’ve decided to bring excerpts of book #2 to this blog. This space is home for me and I’m comfortable here. I don’t have to be official, or fancy, or doctor things up. I am free to be “me” in all my imperfect glory and I don’t have any reservations about it.

I love my home; and that’s why I’m still going to share some of the completed portions of my book with you on this blog instead of in a self-published book. I hope you don’t mind. I feel at ease in sharing my work with you (an imperfect book from an imperfect author) — a book without:

  • the most magnificent set of words ever strung together about purpose and mission
  • the best edited and grammatically correct verbiage
  • all the loose ends tied
  • all the t’s crossed and i’s dotted

I’m excitedly looking forward to presenting my purpose-focused book-turned-blog publication to you and will be getting my first post up in a couple of weeks from now. So, please be on the look out for it. More than likely, I’ll include the excerpts as a part of the Monday posts, since reports on writing progress are slated for Mondays.

Now, I want to go back to a previous post and what I laid out as my remaining goals for 2019 that I’d carry over to 2020 for completion. In that post, here’s what I stated as my goals:

  1. Create an audiobook for Playground Instruction for the Growing Adult (my debut book).
  2. Write and self-publish my second book.
  3. Research and set-up some future public speaking engagements.

And here’s what I’ve determined for these goals (going forward):

  1. I’m still very enthused about the whole audio process for my debut book. If you haven’t had a chance to read the recently published guest post by Linda Cartwright, regarding the importance of audiobooks, I would love for you to take a look at it here. So, I’m still very on-board with creating an audiobook. I just have to reevaluate the time table I’m setting for its completion, since its deadline changed a few times as other priorities or obstacles took over.
  2. As for writing and self-publishing my second book, it appears that I’m doing somewhat of a modified version of this goal (as addressed above). I’ll be posting excerpts of my second work-in-progress book (not self-published) as blog posts at Degrees of Maternity.
  3. And, conducting public speaking engagements within my local community is one of the goals still high on my priority list. I’ve been accepted as a volunteer for a women’s organization and am looking at the future opportunities that are available to assist that group. I also intend to look at organizations where I’ll be able to work with children in my community as well. So, my hope is that I’ll have occasions to work with women’s and children’s groups or work with individuals on a one-on-one basis, sharing information that will be beneficial to their personal growth and well-being. Who knows? Maybe some of the information I share will come from my original book #2.

So, I’ve still got my sights set on making some goal-achieving progress this year.

However, with that being said, I wanted you to know that I did let a “shiny new object” in the form of a new product idea captivate my attention and I can’t help but to chase it and see what comes of it. Now, I know you might be thinking that the new idea took the place of my second book. Well, it did in some ways.

New Idea

In theory, the new idea didn’t take the place of my second book, because I’m allowing bits and pieces of the book to surface here at Degrees of Maternity. But what the new idea has done is bring me full circle to my original inspiration for this blog in the first place. And now, my full momentum, minus my weekly posts and my Monday YouTube video upload, is going toward this new idea. If you peruse my “About” page, you’ll see the two inspiring factors that started this blog; and these same factors are providing the inspiration for what I’m aiming to create in the future.

Next Monday ⇒ I’ll let you in on some of the welcomed chaos (a.k.a: new product idea) that’s been preoccupying my creative thoughts as of late. Hope you’ll tune in.

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