10 Productivity-Producing Questions for Content Creators

You can only put so much in a blog post title. So, while “10 Productivity-Producing Questions for Content Creators” might peak your interest without giving you the complete picture, the full title (to bring clarity to the subject matter at hand) might read: “10 Questions That Can Help Boost A Content Creator’s Productivity if the Answers are Applied Consistently to the Daily Routine”. Can you see why I decided to shorten that title a smidge?

Okay, I have some homework for you to do. Since you know yourself best, I’d like for you to take a look at the following questions and answer them thoughtfully and truthfully. The questionnaire is to be taken on the old honor system; because the only way these answered questions can lead to productivity is by you being completely honest with your responses and then regularly acting on them.

Folks, we’re talking about productivity here. We want to hone in on the best practices that will lead to you GETTING THINGS DONE. Right? So, I want you to look, historically, at the times when you’ve been the most . . .

efficiently effective, focused, rearing to go, energized, purpose-driven, alert, awake, positive, task-oriented, mentally-charged, excited to take action, encouraged, and motivated to move.

Once you’ve gone down memory lane, identifying those occasions where you were in the prime productivity periods of your life, then I want you to attack the following questions:

  1. What time of the day do you work your best? Do you work best in the wee hours of the morning, early morning to early afternoon, mid-afternoon to early evening, sun set to late night, or a combination of periods throughout the day?
  2. Where is the best place to conduct your work? Is your ideal work setting at home or at a location outside of the home? If outside of the home, do you prefer to be at a more private setting like your own office space, studio, or storefront OR do you want to be in more of a public place like a Starbucks, Barnes & Noble, library, park, or cafe?
  3. Does noise hinder or help you along with your content creation activities? Consider how sounds, such as white noise, instrumental music only, music with singing and lyrics, background talking and movements, people using technology in close proximity to you, outdoor sounds, and nature sounds on audio, affect your ability to work.
  4. Do you prefer to use electronic devices (e-calendars on phones, iPads, or computers) or more manual devices (desk and hanging calendars, planners that you write in, and charts and dry-erase boards) to help you organize and stay organized with your daily schedules?Productivity
  5. What kind of equipment and supplies are the most handy for your particular use when creating content? Do you prefer a desktop to a laptop computer, do you draw and paint with electronic devices or do you draw and paint by hand, do you enjoy using equipment and supplies that will allow you to be mobile while creating or do you prefer static items where you have to stay put in order to use them?
  6. Are you a heavy lunch, light lunch (snack level), or no lunch person? I definitely think that people should break their fast by eating something healthy and nourishing for breakfast in the mornings. You need an energy boost to get your day going, but the rest of the day is negotiable in my estimation. I’ve heard that some content creators feel bogged down and unproductive the rest of the afternoon if they eat a heavy lunch. Some just need a little nutrition to keep their productivity flowing in optimal mode. And, others prefer to eat a heavy dinner and forgo the lunch because they do their best work in the afternoon and don’t want any distractions to slow them down or disrupt their workflow altogether. I say do YOU. Just make sure that you’re not forgetting to eat because of working through breakfast, lunch, and dinner and creating destructive eating routines. In any eating habits you adopt, make sure you establish and maintain consistency in your healthy eating lifestyle.
  7. Are you able to sustain your productivity mode more successfully when you take periodic breaks throughout the day or do you stay revved up when you continuously work through big chunks of time?
  8. Are you more productive when you’ve had a chance to prepare what you’re going to accomplish for the day (ahead of time) or do you let your creative mind work in sheer spontaneity? In the writing world, this would be a plotter (person who outlines and plans) versus a pantser (person who flies by the seat of his or her pants) type of scenario.
  9. Do you prefer to complete all the tasks for the content you create or are you good with delegating some tasks to others?
  10. What incentivizes you to get work done: motivational sources (see below), rewards (monetary awards, perks, and benefits), or a combination of both? What makes up your ideal care package of incentives?

MS Sorted

Have you had a chance to answer all the questions yet? If so, kindly proceed. If not, then stop stalling and go back and answer the questions, already.

Lastly, you’ll want to take your responses and use them to create a system in which you are incorporating said responses within your daily routine. After all, the answers are the answers to your successful implementation of productivity habits in GETTING THINGS DONE.

Create a visual of your 10 Productivity-Producing Must-Haves and place them somewhere readily-accessible to remind you of your framework for getting the most quality and quantity out of your content-creating day.

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