A Little Manuscript Humor

Here are a few funnies for you. Maybe you can relate, maybe not. Either way, you’ll possibly chuckle a time or two (or at the least, break into an awkward grin).

How I’m feeling at the end of my second manuscript:

  • This first draft manuscript is a hot mess and will need tons of editing . . . so much for writing my manuscript straight through without stops for edits.
  • I’m quite sleep deprived and in need of a non-existent injection of “second wind”.
  • My brain hurts.
  • Can I get a manuscript deadline extension?
  • I need my Mommy!
  • I also need a two-week vacation from any type of writing whatsoever.
  • Did I actually commit to getting this book self-published by the end of the year or was I just existing in some type of dream sequence?
  • I’m sorry family that I was a little minimalistic on the house cleaning for the last month.
  • J-A-N-A. Good, I still remember how to spell my name.
  • I just need to narrow down my 5 book title possibilities already.
  • I think I undid all of the walking I accomplished over the summer by equaling the effort in power eating over the late nights in the month of October.
  • When your desktop computer is your late night companion . . .
  • How do some authors put out a book a month? I wasn’t aware that super human powers actually existed.
  • No wonder I barely have any time to read.
  • I dare anyone to challenge me to a game of “Falling Asleep at Your Desk While Working on Your Manuscript”.

This post was fun and allowed me to vent in humorous fashion. Very therapeutic, I might add. You should try it some time. Anyway, I’m sure I’ll be coming up with future funnies for significant events in my life, especially when I’m in the mood to be sarcastically chatty.:)



4 thoughts on “A Little Manuscript Humor

  1. Hi there Linda – I knew someone else out there could relate to my pain. Undoubtedly, I’m certain that there are many more who would be in total agreement with us. In all honesty though, I shouldn’t solely blame writing for my skimping out on household chores. Let’s just say that I’ll probably never have a blog or YouTube channel about cleaning.:)


  2. I can so relate to so many of these. I need a full-time housekeeper and at least an evening chef.


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